Why Do I Pee So Much On My Period

Have you ever gone through such a situation when you don’t drink too much but are still dealing with going again and again to the washroom for peeing and moreover you are on your period.

 If it has happened with you or still happens with you then don’t worry dear, you’re not alone in this peeing more in period world. 

You have your own parallel world where you are not alone. Some witness it on their every period and some females face it on their few periods not every. 

We all know, especially females, that during this period there are so many chemical and hormonal changes occurring in the body and this phenomenon tends to exist so many reactions such as mood swings, cramps and other habits which turn into an excessive habit.

Why Do I Pee So Much On My Period? Causes

We often don’t know about the name and functions of hormones in our body ( except biology students). But sometimes it’s necessary to learn and know little about our body.

In females, there is a hormone named Progesterone which normally elevates during period but sometimes the level of Progesterone drops while a girl is having her menstruation.

When the level of Progesterone hormone decreases , there is a fluid shift elevated in the body which results in high flow of urine during the period days.

So it is very clear not that basically it is due to a hormone imbalance.  

The second and most probable reason is the existence of a particular pressure on your bladder. Now you are wondering why this happens so much during periods.

Answer is so simple, what is the most annoying thing you may feel during your period?

Yes, Cramps. Cramps occur while some contraction happens in your stomach during the period. These cramps lead to pressure in the bladder and thus your urge to pee grows faster.

Sometimes this urge is not because of the presence of urine in your bladder, however it is due to the pressure which builds up on your bladder.

So for the next time, whenever you feel like peeing so much, don’t judge your drinking water habit. Drinking more water is very important during periods.

Few tips to make it less:

Now in this section of the article we are going to tell you a few secrets and tips to lessen this urge to pee more during periods. Read the complete article carefully. 

It becomes so problematic to go to the washroom again and again and especially when you are doing something very important. 

Think you are doing something very important like your office work and suddenly you feel some particular pressure on your bladder and are forcing you to go to the bathroom.

It’s so irritating. Let’s know some tips and ideas to make less severe this peeing issue

  • What you can do is stay hydrated. It is the best tip for reducing the issue of peeing during periods. Drink enough water that reduces your contractions and thus less pain occurs. The pressure of cramps in the bladder would become less and you won’t have to go to the bathroom so many times.
  • Don’t eat salty food so much. Excess of salty food in your diet during periods can induce the retention of urine.
  • Eat fresh food and vegetables. You can add fruits in your diet. Avoid processed food. You will definitely get results by following this technique.
  • You can also take some medicines for reducing cramps which trigger pressure on your bladder. These medicines are such as ibuprofen.
  • Hormones imbalance is one of the main reasons for excess of peeing urge during periods. You can take med for hormone balance.
  • Do you know that exercise can also help you to balance your hormones while you are on period? A little exercise is good during periods to maintain the hormone balance.
  • Finally and lastly, you can take it as a regular habit which is not a solution but still it lasts only a maximum of one week.

Do we need to worry about it?

Here my intention is not to make you worry if you are having the same problem but it is my duty to be honest with my writings. If you face this issue in your every period then it is fine.

If it starts suddenly like you didn’t have in your last period but now it is happening with you, kindly see your doctor.

It is very necessary because we all know about urine infection. Urinary tract infections are not just occurred in females it is also transmitted by male to female during sex. 

There is the most possibility that it may be one reason. So go and talk to the doctor. Don’t take it a light way.

There is also a possibility that your issue with urinary tract infections is not getting better even though you are taking proper medication and it is getting bad from your one cycle to the next cycle.

If this happens with you in the same manner which is mentioned above then kindly take it seriously. Blood during urination, painful urination is the sign of your body dealing with some serious issues. Go and be checked.


So in the above article, we have known and read about a different aspect which I am sure hasn’t touched before. Sometimes a small issue in your body can be large so don’t ever ignore even a little change in your body.

I hope you got your answers to every query about peeing during periods. So for the next time, if it occurs suddenly go and do a proper checkup. Follow your doctor’s advice.

If it is normal for you and you are totally ok with it and don’t have any major issues then you don’t need to worry. In the above article we tried to touch every aspect of this issue. Hope you enjoy reading.

By Caitlyn

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