Is Sweet Smelling Poop A Sign Of Diabetes

When we write something on human health and mind , we do not believe in discrimination, not with people, not even with our bodily activities. 

Today’s topic is a little strange but a very common doubt which stays in your mind. Do you know what diabetes is?

Of Course you definitely know. This disease is so common nowadays that everyone knows about it, even the children and adolescents.

First it was stated that this is a disease which happens only with old age people but the evidence of the situation of today’s world proves itself wrong.

Now everyone can be diagnosed with diabetes irrespective of their age. Nowadays even newborn babies can have diabetes. There are some symptoms which can be seen before or during the disease.

It is not particular that in diabetic patients the sugar level is always high, sometimes it gets low drastically. They may feel nausea, breathing issues, obesity and sometimes severe weakness. 

Many people say that sweet smelling poop is the sign of diabetes. What do you think about reality? 

In this article we are going to reveal every aspect of this fact. We will know if it is true or not and if it’s true what should be our next step to counter this issue.


After reading the title you are definitely aware of what we are going to cover today. These are the contents listed below:

  • Some facts behind sweet smelling poop
  • What Does Diabetic Poop Smell Like
  • Is there any other reason?
  • Is sweet smelling poop a sign of diabetes?
  • Precautions
  • Conclusion 

Some facts behind sweet smelling poop:

It is true that what we eat results in poop and sometimes some strong smell of eaten food results in the smell of poop.

If your poop smells sweet then it could be possible that you may have diabetes. On which basis we are telling you this?

I know you all have this question. Let me clear your doubts. In diabetes the sugar level in the patient body is uncontrollable and sometimes that extra sugar is extracted from the body through poop. That’s why your poop smells sweet.

Anyway there are some other reasons. The chances of sweet smell are more in diabetic patient’s urine than in poop. That’s why sometimes it is the smell of urine, not the poop.

In summary we can say, yes, if you feel that your poop smells sweet, you may have diabetes. Go to your doctor and get through a proper checkup.

But sweet smelling poop is not a common symptom. 

Are you clearing your doubts through this article ?

Keep doing it. Read the article till the end. 

What Does Diabetic Poop Smell Like?

Diabetes is a chronic disease that is affecting many human beings now. It happens when the pancreas can’t produce enough insulin or the body can’t use the insulin that is generated by the pancreas, which’s what the body needs for proper functions. Globally, there are 422 million diabetes patients now. Diabetes is a disease that affects all age groups. There are several types of diabetes, including type 1, type 2, pre-diabetes, gestational diabetes, etc.

Now we are going to discuss the main topic, “What does diabetic poop look like?” and the symptoms a person develops when he or she suffers from high blood sugar.

When a person suffers from diabetes, he or she develops many symptoms, like increased thirst. Frequent urination, weight loss, fatigue, blurred vision, numbness or tingling in the hand, slow healing cuts, dehydration, gastrointestinal issues, etc. These symptoms are caused by the high level of ketones in the body, and these ketones change the smell and color of the poop.

When the diabetic is not controlled, he or she faces many gastrointestinal issues, which result in a change in the odor of the poop.

The poop smells fruity or sweet due to the presence of a high level of ketones in the body.

So we have come to the conclusion that when a person is affected by diabetes, he faces many gastrointestinal issues that result in a change in the color and odor of the poop. And the fruity scent, or sweet smell, is due to the high level of ketones in the body.

Is there any other reason?

What do you think, besides being diabetic what can be other reasons for sweet smelling poop? 

Sometimes there is no issue in our body. It is just what we eat that results in poop. Let’s take an example. The smell of onion is so strong because it contains sulfur. When you eat onion, you can feel your poop smell bad because of what you ate last night. 

It’s not just a rumor. It’s a true fact that your diet can affect the smell of your poop. If you eat normal food which doesn’t have some strong smell or ingredients then your poop is natural just like your food. But if you eat junk foods and many other bad for health type foods, your poop also gets affected.

Sometimes the reason for sweet smelling poop can be some type of particular infection. It’s rare but happens. It is a bacterial infection which is rare in human poop. 

This bacterial infection affects the smell of the poop and makes it musty and sweet. You may be confused if you have diabetes or it’s some kind of infection. 

Is sweet smelling poop a sign of diabetes?

What is the answer to this question?

What can we conclude?

As we told you sweet smelling poop is not a common symptom of diabetes but yes if you feel your poop smells bad and sweet, you have to consult with the doctor.

If it happens with you just one or two days then normal, you don’t need to worry. But if this condition stays for days and weeks, you need to see a doctor.


There are some easy ways by following these you can save yourself from diabetes. Read completely and understand how important these simple ways are in our life when it comes to dealing with diabetes.

  • Stick to the low calorie diet. Your diet plays an important role in the proper functioning of your body. What you eat is reflected in your health. If you have diabetes or have chances to get it, work on your diet and try to intake a low calorie diet.
  • The solution to all your bodily and mental problems is exercise. Regularly do some physical exercise to stay away from diabetes and any other disease. Regular walking is really helpful for diabetic patients.
  • Take care of your weight. Obesity welcomes diabetes.
  • You can do fast even I would say everyone must fast at least for one day in a week. When you fast, you don’t eat much. The healing process of your body works to its highest capacity.
  • Get through your physical checkup from time to time. Don’t ignore any symptoms. Don’t be shy to see your doctor.


I hope all your doubts will be cleared after reading this article. I advise my readers to read every article completely because if you read only the introduction part you miss so much important information. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and go from here with some beneficial information. Feel free to comment on any of your doubts. We will try our best to clear them. We promise to come back very soon with another amazing article related to your health.

Till then stay healthy and stay safe. We are always here to clear your doubts and help you to lead a healthy life.

By Caitlyn

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