What Does Diabetic Poop Smell Like

Diabetes is one of the most dangerous chronic diseases. It is caused when the pancreas can’t generate enough insulin or the body can’t use the insulin that is generated. Diabetes is spreading very quickly, and every person affected by it is facing many problems in their daily lives. As per a survey conducted by the WHO in April 2021, globally, 422 million people are affected by diabetes. 

Now we are going to address the most important question, “What does diabetic poop smell like?” People would like to know the symptoms if they are affected by diabetes.

  • When one is affected by uncontrolled diabetes, he or she may experience many gastrointestinal issues that change the odor of the poop. So this is the reason why the color of the poop changes.
  • When one is diabetic and has high blood sugar, their gastrointestinal health is affected, which causes an unusual smell and change in poop.
  • Persons affected by high blood pressure experience many symptoms, like frequent urination, dehydration, slow healing wounds, thirst, hunger, loose weight, blurry vision, feeling very tired, and having dry skin. These symptoms are caused by the presence of ketones in the body, which change the smell and color of the poop.
  • Due to the presence of a high level of ketones in the body, there is a possibility that the poop has a sweet or fruity scent. This is mainly a problem with type 1 diabetes, but it can happen with type 2 diabetes as well.

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