Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Health Records (EHR) software is at the crux of modern practice. The use of EHR has now become universal and it helps in enhancing and streamlining clinical, administrative, legal, and financial operations. With the growing demand for EMR software, there are multiple options to choose from.

As a medical professional, you’re likely looking for a comprehensive solution that will provide your practice with all of the tools it needs to function smoothly and efficiently. You want to be able to access patient information wherever you are in the office or on-the-go, and these two EHR/EMR software solutions offer just that. But which one is right for your practice?

In this article we will help you understand better about two popular EHR/EMR systems available in the market currently: Kareo EHR and One-Touch EMR by comparing them on key factors

One-Touch EMR Overview

One-Touch EMR is a cloud-based electronic record and medical practice management software system. It’s designed by doctors for doctors, with integrated fax support and eRx capabilities as well as electronic labs & orders in one place.

One Touch EMR includes the free draw tool for annotations on photos (including ICD-10 codes), templates to help you document quickly with free text, point & click, or Dragon Medical dictation. It also features fully customizable data entry tools that allow you to create your own library of templates specific to your specialty.*

Kareo Billing Overview

Billing software is essential to the success of any medical practice. With Kareo Billing, you can rest assured that your in-house billing process is supported by the best software on the market.

Their web and mobile applications make it easy to manage patients and the complications that come with billing insurance.

As a trusted provider of medical billing software, Kareo gives you the tools to run and grow your practice. Our software automates your entire billing process so you get paid faster—and you can focus on what really matters: taking care of your patients.

Kareo Billing Advantages

Kareo Clinical EMR has several advantages when compared to Centricity EMR. Some of these include:

  • Maximize productivity: Electronic Medical Records enable physicians to see more patients each day without sacrificing quality care.
  • Workflow: Work smarter and faster with smart workflows. Process intake is easier, and coding tools make it possible to get more done in less time.
  •  Less Error: The software helps reduce coding errors by sweeping claims before they are submitted. As a result, facilities get paid faster without worrying about missing out on any claims.

One-Touch EMR Advantages

One Touch EMR offers several advantages over Kareo Clinical EHRs.

  • Appointment scheduling: One-Touch offers a unique feature that allows you to schedule appointments from within their software. The tool will automatically populate your calendar with the patient’s information, including any past visits and relevant medical history. 
  • Charting: When it comes time for charting, One Touch has created an intuitive charting experience that makes it easy for providers like yourself to record notes on each visit with patients in just a few clicks (instead of typing everything out).
  • Compliance Tracking: If there are any compliance issues in your practice or hospital setting, One Touch will alert you immediately via email or text message so that you can quickly remedy them before they become bigger problems down the road (and cost more money!).

Kareo Billing Limitations

  • Kareo Clinical EHR has its limitations. To begin with, its billing is complicated and challenging for many practices.
  • This application has limited reporting features and no way to filter patients based on eligibility.
  • If a patient checks out before the end of their scheduled appointment time, the periodical appointment will not be viewable in Scheduler.
  • It is impossible to export critical information such as claims processed, claims due and others from the system.

One-Touch EMR Limitations

As of the time of this review’s publication, these are the limitations of One Touch EMR according to user feedback:

  • When you search for a patient in One Touch EMR, you can only search by last name or date. You cannot filter your searches by other fields such as gender or appointment type.
  • The system has no automated text messaging feature for sending appointment reminders or other messages to patients with customizable templates. 

Kareo Billing Cost

Kareo is a great option if you want an affordable system with rapid implementation and the ability to work anywhere there’s an internet connection. It’s also a good solution if your team is small, since Kareo has fewer features than many other EHR systems 

Kareo Billing is designed for practice’s of all sizes and their pricing ranges from $125.00 per month.They do not have a free version and they do not offer a free trial.

One-Touch EMR Cost

One-Touch EMR charges a monthly fee starting from $199.00 per month. A free version of their software is not available. One-Touch EMR offers a free trial of their software, but this does not include any data entry or billing features.

Kareo Billing Reviews

According to Capterran, the overall rating is 4.2 out of 5

If you’re looking for an EMR system that works well with a team of providers, Kareo Clinical EHR is the solution. 

This is especially true if your practice has multiple locations, or if you are in the process of expanding your office. 

One-Touch EMR Reviews

According to Capterran the overall rating is 4 out of 5

This is an interesting topic, because there are two very different approaches with these two systems. Kareo Clinical EHR has been around for a while and seems to be more stable than One Touch EMR.

One Touch EMR is new, so it’s not as mature and bug free.


We hope we’ve laid out the strengths and weaknesses of these two software solutions in clear enough terms for you to choose an EHR that will serve your needs. 

Whichever one you choose, you can’t go wrong; both are market leaders in terms of quality, so check them both out! 

At this point, you have all the information you need to make a decision about which software is best for your business. If you’re still not sure what to do, we recommend taking some time to research each product on your own. 

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