Probable Human Carcinogens

Carcinogens are what can give you cancer. Be it food products, various substances in the air, or other things you encounter every day, the chances are that you are surrounded with more carcinogens than you expect.

Of course, just because you come into contact with a potential carcinogen, it does not mean that you are going to get cancer. A lot comes down to how big of an exposure you had with the source. Your overall health and genes play important roles as well.

Whether you want to live a healthier lifestyle, bond with cancer survivors you know by expanding your knowledge, or share your knowledge with others and help them, having the basics down is a good way to start.

This article will cover 6 carcinogens that one can expect to encounter frequently in everyday life.

Air Pollution

Spending time outside means breathing in the pollution found in the air. It helps a lot when you live away from bustling cities. Less concentrated air pollution is a significant health benefit, including cancer risks.

Multiple studies confirm that vehicles that run on diesel fuel pollute the air with gas and soot, and these two are known to cause lung and other types of cancer.

Besides engine exhaust, the air we breathe also has traces of metals and solvents. Lead is one of the best examples.

You cannot really avoid breathing the air. However, as an individual, you can still make some difference in making sure that the air we breathe is not as polluted.


The use of tobacco has been known as one of the leading causes of lung cancer. According to WebMD, tobacco has 70 or so chemicals that cause cancer by damaging your cells.

You might be tempted to switch to smokeless tobacco, but the alternative is hardly a solution. Both first-hand and second-hand smoking causes cancer. If you are an active smoker, try to give up this bad habit. And if you are around people who smoke, try to avoid them when you can or try to persuade them to give up smoking.

Crispy and Brown Foods

Acrylamide is a chemical that appears in certain vegetables heated to high temperatures. 

The best way to avoid acrylamide is by being more careful when making your food. Do not wait for the color to become deep brown or gold. Instead, aim for the food to look tan.

Ultraviolet Rays

Your skin absorbs ultraviolet rays, which damage the cells in your body. Skin cancer is often caused by UV.

Climate change and pollution are encouraging the problem because ultraviolet rays become stronger. 

If you have to go outside, protect your skin. Wear sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen. Also, as a rule of thumb, do not visit tanning salons.


Among other health hazards, drinking alcohol is also known to cause various forms of cancer, including breast cancer, liver cancer, and colorectal cancer.

If you cannot cut alcohol from your life completely, try to limit the amount to the minimum.

Processed Foods

Processed meats and other types of food are popular because they are effortless to prepare. That effortlessness, however, comes at a price. 

Preserved and ready-made flavored meals increase your chances of getting colon cancer. Eating junk food now and then is not the end of the world, but if you overindulge yourself too much, do not be surprised when you suffer from health-related problems.


All in all, there are many different carcinogens around us. This article covered those that are encountered frequently, but you can always broaden your knowledge by delving deeper and learning more.

Ultimately, knowing about things that could give you cancer is worthwhile. By becoming aware, you will know what to look out for and reduce the risks for yourself and others.

By Caitlyn

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