Why Do My Tears Burn Like Acid

Back with another amazing and interesting topic. Although you have read the title and have a little idea about what this article will cover, I would like to tell you that today’s topic is related to our emotions equal to tears.

Do you cry a lot?…Don’t feel ashamed to answer it because I do. 

Answering this question is normal for you but here is another question which is slightly strange. 

Have you ever felt like your tears burn while crying?

Yes it happens. Many people feel this but they don’t have any idea about what is happening with them and how it is possible. 

More probably they do not care and take it for granted. But for your curiosity and to solve your problem with your burning tears, we present this post to you. 

Don’t stop reading if you can connect with this topic or if this topic is satisfying your curiosity. For both of the reasons this article becomes important.

Why Do My Tears Burn Like Acid?

We have read in our biology classes that tears are made of salty chemicals and these are the waste of your eyes and make your eyes clean by coming out from your eyes when you cry.

The nature of tears makes it burn like acid especially when you have sensitive skin. When you cry but the quantity of your tears are not enough and also have faults in quality, you may feel irritation on your cheeks because of your tears.  

The salt is dry in nature and it makes things dry by absorbing moisture from that particular area or thing. The same phenomenon applies in the case of tears. 

Because tears is a salty water , it has a dryness. When you cry this salty water in the mold of your tears makes your skin from the cheeks area dry and you feel a burning sensation there.

Other effects than burning:

Sometimes after crying our tears leave their marks on the face and these marks are in red colour. You may face irritation and red marks on your cheeks.

Tears contain a red colour compound called porphyrin. It is also found in muscles and blood. This red colour compound is the reason for red marks on your cheeks while crying. 

Sometimes you don’t feel like burning while crying but still have red marks on your cheeks and eyes area. It happens due to heavy eye makeup. 

The product of your eye makeup contains harmful chemicals which irritate your skin and red marks appear. So it’s an advice to not use heavy make-up. 

As you are told before, tears have salty water which dries your skin. Scarcity of moisture in your skin can become the reason for itchiness in your skin. 

Why Do My Tears Burn Causes

There are some other reasons for burning tears. These reasons are given below:

  • Sometimes the humidity in the atmosphere and other environmental factors are the reason for burning tears.
  • Air pollution and dirt also induce irritation in your eyes and you can feel like burning while crying if you live in an area where air is polluted.
  • People who wear contact lenses feel more irritation while crying. Wear your contact lenses carefully and be more attentive when you remove them.
  • Your diet plays an important role in the care of your eyes. Food items which contain acids can reduce the moisture and irritate your skin whenever you cry.
  • Moisture in your skin is very necessary if you don’t want to feel a burning sensation while crying. Dryness can stimulate irritation in the eye area.
  • Infections in your eyes are the main reasons for the acidic tears. Take care of your eyes properly.
  • Heavy eye makeup and makeup products which contain chemicals are the cause of burning tears.
  • People who deal with some kind of allergies are more prone to irritation in your eyes while crying.


  • Take care of your diet. Don’t include acidic foods in your diet if you don’t want any burn while crying.
  • You can use artificial tears as the treatment of your burning eyes. These are the drops of medicine which don’t include salt in nature.
  • Drinking enough water can heal anything in your body and it helps your eyes from burning. Drinking more water hydrates your body.
  • Wherever you go outside use sunglasses. They protect you from sun rays and heal your eyes.
  • Be more attentive while choosing products for your eye care. Don’t use chemicals anymore. 
  • Use eye drops and medicine for your eyes. There are various good quality of eye drops available in the medical store.
  • Do your eye check up once in a month or if it is necessary do it two times in a month.
  • Reduce the time of watching screens including your mobile screen, tv screen and laptop.
  • Enough sleep is very necessary for better eyes. You must feel irritation in your eyes on that day when you didn’t sleep well last night.
  • Don’t forget to remove contact lenses before you go to sleep. Wearing contact lenses at night can become harmful for your eyes. 
  • Wash your face at night before bed time. It removes dirt from your face and eyes
  • Use tea bags and other items to moisturize your skin under your eyes.
  • If you notice that your problem is increasing, go and take advice from your doctor.


So readers, enjoy reading or not?….

I hope you definitely would and get your all answers. Always take care of your eyes and your body and mind. 

Drink enough water, do some exercise and take care of your diet. Whenever you feel more issues, take your doctor’s advice. We will definitely come back with another more interesting post. Till then stay healthy.

By Caitlyn

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