Liposuction Gone Wrong

When done right, liposuction can have wonderful results in changing the appearance of a person, but when botched, it can have severe consequences. 

One of the reasons botching can take place during liposuction is when fat cells are removed aggressively by the doctor, which makes the skin look uneven and lumpy. 

This botched liposuction results in  the skin looking very uneven, rather than smooth. 

In the article we will get in-depth into the procedure and complications involved in botched liposuction. 

Let’s get right into it. 

What do you mean by “ liposuction “? And How is this procedure beneficial ?

A cosmetic procedure which involves removal of fat from various body parts, like abdomen, chin, hips and arms is referred as a liposuction surgery.

This is the fat that an individual is not able to lose through exercise and dieting. 

Liposuction is also called lipo, liposculpture suction or lipectomy. 

In simple terms, it sucks and breaks the fat cells from the body part on which this procedure is being performed. 

It’s health benefits are as follows 

  1. The above mishap may lead to depressed, anxiety. 
  2. Triglyceride levels decrease post liposuction surgery, according to studies.
  3. Liposuction leads to overall health as fat is removed from the body. It helps reduce weight and improves the Body Mass Index (BMI). 
  4. Gynecomastia and lymphedema are treated with liposuction. 
  5. This surgery will help in reducing the inflammatory type of cells in our body. 

Despite its tremendous benefits, it is crucial to consider the risky complications of this surgery as well. Liposuction does have exceptional benefits, but if the surgery gets botched, it can have severe consequences. 

Let’s discuss it in detail – Botched liposuction :- 


When too much or too little fat is removed during liposuction, the area becomes uneven and lumpy. 

This is known as “bad liposuction.” 


After undergoing liposuction, swelling is very common for the next 4 to 6 months. 

It takes time for stabilization after undergoing liposuction procedure. 

How to determine the success of a liposuction surgery?

The following are indicators of whether you had a good or bad liposuction. 

  1. A bad liposuction leads to the formation of “seromas”. These are fluids which form pockets under the skin. Seromas are very painful and uncomfortable. Needles are used to drain this fluid. 
  2. Another sign of bad liposuction is numbness. The nerves of the area where liposuction could be impacted can lead to numbness. This numbness can be temporary or permanent. 
  3. During liposuction, the removal of fat has to be very consistent over the area where it is being performed. Liposuction is botched when fat is removed inconsistently and unevenly. It leads to the skin having an appearance that is : 
  1. rough and uneven 
  2. wavy 
  3. Saggy 
  4. Discoloration 

It can sometimes also make the skin have a “dimpled“ appearance. 

Inconsistent liposuction doesn’t make the skin look smooth and tight. 

  1. It can also cause skin infections, which can be very severe. 
  2. One of the post surgery complications of this procedure is “hematoma”. This involves profuse bleeding under the skin.
  3. It can also cause heart and kidney issues because of the change in fluid levels in the body. 
  4. When a piece of fat becomes lodged in a blood vessel, which then becomes lodged in the lungs. This is called “fat embolism.” 
  5. Gaining weight after surgery can also render liposuction ineffective. 
  6. When fat cells are not removed as per the right quantity, for example, if fewer fat cells are removed, it will create a bulge and so will an excess of fat cells. 

What are the causes of botched liposuction ? 

1. The doctor’s experience performing liposuction – The expertise of the doctor performing liposuction is very crucial. 

Before planning liposuction, it is advised to check the success rate of the doctor, who has performed many successful surgeries. 

An experienced doctor is able to guide the patients well on whether this type of surgery is suitable for them or not. He can also guide them on the path of correct treatment. 

An experienced doctor treats each case in a different way. He can predict what complications can occur in the future and perform the liposuction accordingly. 

2. Miscommunication – 

There is often a communication gap between the doctor and the patient regarding the results of the surgery. This might

3. Patient’s body composition – 

The body composition of the patient can also play an important role in the final result. 

For Example : fat distribution or a patient with disproportionate loose skin. 

Body parts that are very commonly botched during liposuction – 

Following are the most problematic areas of our body with respect to liposuction:– 

  1. The upper portion of the arms 
  2. Abdomen 
  3. The thigh’s middle section 

4)The area below the trochanteric bulge 

5) The region between the lateral and posterior thigh; the lateral thigh. This area is called the “sensuous triangle”. 

Psychological effects of botched liposuction :- 

When a person goes for liposuction, they do it to make themselves feel and look better, to be confident. 

They have an expectation in their mind that after liposuction they will look like in a certain way. 

They imagine themselves looking better physically, but when their liposuction is botched, it has severe consequences for their mental health. 

How to reverse botched liposuction ? 

Botched liposuction can be fixed. 

There is a solution to a botched liposuction which is called “revision surgery”, which is also called “liposuction correction.” 

The aim of this surgery is to correct the results and address all the problems a patient has because of the previous botched liposuction. 

How to fix an uneven liposuction ? 

1) Conduct a thorough background check on the doctor performing your surgery. How many successful surgeries have they performed? What is their qualification? What training have they received? 

Follow all the pre-surgery guidelines given by your surgeon regarding any medication and lifestyle changes. 

Liposuction gone wrong pictures 

1) Abdomen Liposuction gone wrong

Abdomen liposuction is used to remove – Subcutaneous fat from the abdominal area 

During abdominal liposuction, the fat cells are taken out permanently. 

As you can see in the above image, on the left side of the abdomen, there is an uneven curve. 

As you can see in the abdomen, there are lumps and bumps on the abdomen. 

Another example of a patient having extreme dents and lumpiness. 

We can see how unnatural it looks, not smooth and tight as it should have been. 

Even the chest has severe unevenness. 

Botched arms liposuction

The arm fat of the upper portion is removed in this process.

Fat is  taken out from the inner portion of the upper arm. 

The above pictures clearly demonstrate an irregularity in the arm

There is uneven fat distribution in her arms. 

Lumps and dents can be seen on the arm. 

Another example of botched arm liposuction 

3)Botched neck lipo

Neck liposuction is used to remove fat from the Subcutaneous tissue surface 

A 3mm incision is made near the chin and behind the earlobe. 

The picture displays the irregularity, lumps and uneven texture of the neck 

There has been excessive fat removal. 

It is not smooth and is a clear example of botched liposuction. 

4)Botched back liposuction 

Liposuction can be used to remove fat from the upper and lower back. 

It can be used to remove back rolls, fat lumps, etc. 

Back liposuction results in bumps and dimpled skin. 

As you can see in the above image, there is an uneven curve on the left side. The lower back has a very irregular appearance with uneven fat removal. 


Liposuction for thighs is done on the inner as well as outer thighs. It removes the unnecessary fat from the thighs. 

 The left side of the attached picture indicates an uneven bulge.

 It is not at all smooth. 

There are uneven lumps on the thigh. This is an example of under-correction. 

Both the inner and outer thighs are uneven. 

6)Botched chin liposuction 

Chin liposuction helps in improving the contour of our chin, it is primarily used to tighten the chin muscles. 

It also reduces the double chin and is known to improve the facial structure of an individual. 

The botched chin liposuction is clearly visible in this image.

There are bumps, scar and vertical lines underneath the chin. 

This is an example of chin lipo gone wrong. 

Conclusion :- 

In this blog we have seen what causes botched liposuction, examples of it and how to avoid it. It can have a severe effect on the mental health of an individual. 

To avoid all the hassle of a botched liposuction, it is important to have a clear understanding of the track record of the doctor and follow all the pre-surgery and post-surgery guidelines given by the expert doctor. 

Botched liposuction can be fixed using reverse surgery, but only when it is done by an experienced doctor. 

Liposuction has great benefits, but only when done right by a skilled doctor, with great precision otherwise it takes lots of effort and planning to correct it. 

By Caitlyn

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