Nowadays, the aesthetic industry enlarges massively. Procedures like beauty injections, mesotherapy, and others became affordable for the majority of people, compared to the previous decade when rejuvenation via dermal injections was a privilege of celebrities and other dignitaries. In this matter, there are many brands offering quality products for skin rejuvenation, effective lifting, contouring, and form correction. One of them is Radiesse – the massive dermal fillers brand produced by Merz – a pharmaceutical company based in Frankfurt, Germany, and affiliating in Europe, US, Canada and other countries around the world. Previously, the Radiesse brand was produced by the American pharmaceutical company BioForm Medical which bought all rights for the remedy production in 2010. 

Merz has unrivaled experience in the aesthetic industry. More than 100 years the company implements innovative solutions and quality medication for every customer who wants to improve the appearance. With huge experience, Merz has earned the trust of many famous clinics, experienced physicians and serious clients. Their team provides award-winning and carefully-tested solutions for the face and whole body. The whole range includes botulinum toxin products, powerful dermal fillers, effective medication for skincare, lifting and cellulite treatment. 

Radiesse – the Most Famous Brainchild of Merz

Dermal filler with an excellent reputation, effective remedy with minimum side effects, confident and consistent medication – yes, it’s all about Radiesse.

The history of the brand begins in 2006 when the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved its usage. Initially, Radiesse was created to restore the volume of facial tissues for AIDS patients as well as to correct little and moderate wrinkles, eliminate deep facial lines and nasolabial folds. After the brilliant effect was achieved, Radiesse was proclaimed as the perfect volumizer due to its high degree of elasticity and viscosity. The drug is made by the usage of calcium-based microsphere technology – the advanced approach to stimulate natural collagen production. 

After many years of considerable and sustained efforts, the Merz company have made a breakthrough and in 2015 they achieved FDA-approval for hands’ augmentation. 

Radiesse was originally designed to restore facial tissue volume in AIDS patients. Besides, the drug is widely used in modern urology, dentistry, as well as general surgery.

The drug has two main advantages that guarantee a successful result: 

  • immediately after injection, Radiesse works as an average filler, adding the missing volume to the treated area;
  • after a few weeks, the drug starts stimulating neocollagenesis – the formation of new collagen; due to this process, the overall effect lasts for such a long time.

Where to Buy Radiesse?

Radiesse is quality and top-notch product providing the immediate and long-lasting result, thus many services are offering to buy the product from their websites. But how to avoid fake products and choose the reliable Radiesse dermal fillers supplier? Well, we’re here to help: check the authentic and high-quality dermal fillers in our catalog. Choose the one you want to buy, make an order and estimate the service. We guarantee: once you purchase at our online store, you’d want to become our regular customer!

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