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When it comes to looks, a lot of people would agree that hair plays quite an important role. Not only because it can enhance someone’s beauty with a specific hairstyle but also because it can help them show off their identity and who they are. As we age, like the rest of our body, the hair starts to decay in one way or another. In order to keep the hair as healthy as possible, here are some tips to follow.

Avoid using hot water

It is quite surprising how a lot of people do not know about this, but according to hair experts, washing hair with hot water plays a big role in damaging it. Especially if you undergo a FUE hair transplant in Mumbai, this will lear your hair to be damaged. The reason behind that is that the hot water makes the hair brittle and dry, which removes the protective oils.

Because of that, the hair becomes much weaker, and it is much easier to damage it. When you are washing your hair, you should use water that is slightly warmer than your body temperature, while using colder water might even be a better option if you are comfortable with it.

The famous egg treatment

One of the most common “life hacks” when it comes to having and keeping the hair healthy is to condition it with eggs. This is especially the case if you happen to have dry hair, as the egg whites will moisturize it significantly.

The way that you should make the egg mixture is to use half a cup of mixed whole egg (the white and the yolk) and then apply it to your hair. After twenty minutes, you should rinse with cool water, and you should immediately notice that your hair’s texture is improved.

Hair Experts Explain How to Get Healthy Hair - Hair Adviser

There is a significant difference if you treat your hair correctly

Keep your head clean, but do not over wash

Hygiene is very important when it comes to keeping your hair healthy, especially if you just got something like the fue hair transplant in Mumbai that you would not like to lose. As dandruff and an itchy scalp are very high on the list of reasons why your hair might get damaged, keeping things clean should be something that you should do.

However, even if cleanliness is important, there is such a thing as making your hair too clean. By washing your hair too often, it will not have enough time to establish that natural hair oil over itself, which gives it a fantastic look and luster. You should wash your hair every two or three days, and not more often than that.

Swimming pools are dangerous for your hair

In order to keep swimming pools sanitary for a lot of people to use, there are various chemicals in the water. Naturally, those chemicals are not the best for our hair, which is why it is highly suggested to use some kind of protection like a conditioner before you go swimming in the pool.

Avoid tightening your hair too hard

When making a specific hairstyle, we often opt to use some kind of band that will keep the hair tightened in one place. However, this is one of the most common ways for the hair to get damaged, and it should be avoided. Try using some hair products that do not damage the hair but keep it in place, like certain foams.

Brushing correctly is very important

Using the correct type of brush is one of the most important things in keeping the hair healthy. The reason behind this is that very often, cheap hairbrushes with plastic endings will cause static electricity as you brush, which can damage your hair.

The technique that you use while brushing is also very important, as you should never brush your hair while it is wet. When the hair is wet, it is more prone to being damaged. You should also first brush the ends in order to remove parts that are tangled up so you do not rip out the hair from its root.

Brushing your hair with a good hairbrush will keep it healthy

Let your hair air-dry

Using a hair-dryer is quite convenient, as it will dry your hair very fast, especially if you have long hair. However, doing so will make the hair dry and brittle unless you use some kind of product to prevent this effect. If you happen to have time to let your hair dry naturally, let a warm environment dry it for you.

Final word

Having healthy hair is more important than you might think. While you may not appreciate its importance if your hair is currently healthy without following any of these tips, you might want to start doing some of them in order to keep it like that.

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