Switching from RN to BSN

Nursing has come a long way and today, nursing is considered to be the noblest profession in the world. All over the world, the nursing profession is respected and appreciated so if you are a registered nurse, you should be proud of your profession. In the past, nurses were only trained for some time, and then they were allowed to serve in the medical facilities. The ever-changing medical sector started focusing on the importance of university-prepared nurses. In the USA 50% of the serving nurses hold a 4-year BSN degree. The registered nurse is the most common way to join the nursing field. After serving for some years as RN, you will have to look for better options. The transition from RN to BSN is smooth with the availability of online learning opportunities.

The growing demand for professional nursing in the global medical field is creating countless job opportunities for fresh graduates. Registered nurses who want to move forward can switch from RN to BSN. Bachelor of Science in Nursing allows professional nurses to excel in the professional career. RN to BSN program is offered with the duration of 12-months and after the completion of the program, RN can start their job as certified BSN nurses.

The transition of the Nursing Role

Moving upward in the professional career from RN to BSN also comes with a transition in the role. With the professional development, the responsibilities will also increase. The program also ensures that BSN nurses are duly aware of their new responsibilities and roles. The healthy transition is only possible with the right RN to BSN program page. For progress in any environment, these professional development programs offer analytical skills and communication excellence.

The educational content of the RN to BSN program also focuses on promoting advanced professional skills in the registered nurses. The perfect blend of professional expertise and skills offers a deep learning experience that helps to improve the condition in any medical facility.

Benefits of Switching from RN to BSN

Apart from the increased salaries and other benefits, RN to BSN program also supports your professional career in the healthcare industry. Here are some major benefits of professional development with Bachelors of Science in Nursing:

Better Patient-centric Outcomes

As compared to fresh graduates with BSN degrees, nurses with the transition from RN to BSN have been found more efficient in medical settings. They have better exposure to the diversity of the patients and the upgraded professional knowledge helps them to offer an even better experience. BSN-prepared nurses have been found to be more effective than general nurses in more than 16 areas of the nursing field. Medical facilities with higher numbers of BSN-prepared nurses have lower mortality rates and patients are more satisfied with the services offered by the staff.

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Better Qualification for Higher Positions

The shift from RN to BSN can open new doors for the desired position in any medical environment. Higher management positions in hospitals require BSN-prepared nurses so RN to BSN program can help you to get a better position and job. The responsibilities and role for BSN nurses may not be very different from the RN but the increased pay makes this program worthy of your time and investment.

Career Advancement with RN to BSN Program

Nursing is a challenging field that requires a great deal of experience and professional experience. After joining the field as RN, you can shift to BSN after some years of experience. The experience during the RN career and the knowledge gained during the BSN degree can help you to make some real advancement in your career.

Nursing leadership jobs also require the nurses to have an BSN degree and there are many other positions in medical settings where BSN-prepared nurses are preferred.

Get paid more with BSN

RN to BSN program is a great way to get a higher salary than general nursing staff. BSN-prepared at paid higher salaries and this simple program completion can help you to increase the earning potential in your current organization. Specialization in a certain field of nursing can easily give a boost to your earning potential.

More Job Opportunities

The increasing demand for BSN-prepared nurses has created several new job opportunities for the fresh graduates and the experienced RN nurses with BSN. 43.2% of the medical facilities and hospitals are looking for BSN-prepared nurses for hire.

Switching from RN to BSN has several other perks too that are going to benefit your career in the long run. Work on professional development with the right learning opportunities with RN to BSN program. 

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