Pain Relief

Pain is not a mere reaction of your body; it is always more than that. The moment you start feeling pain, your whole body just doesn’t want to do anything. It can even lead you to some mental health disorders like depression and anxiety. If you suffer from acute pain, it may be resolved within a few days or weeks. But if chronic pain attacks you, you are the one in danger!

There are various ways of getting relieved from pain. At-home treatments, Over-the-counter medications, prescribed medications, and invasive procedures like surgery are common. Generally, your pain doesn’t go away overnight. But in exceptional cases, it may be because everybody has a unique pain experience.

What Types of Pain Exist?

Mainly two kinds of pain are out there to watch out- nociceptive and neuropathic.

You can describe the kind of nociceptive as the beneficial ones. Nociceptive pain is caused whenever your nervous system tries to protect your body. It is like your friend is hitting you with a bamboo so that you do not die being electrified. There is no known benefit of neuropathic pain like nociceptive. Scientists think neuropathic pain is caused when your brain misreads the signals from your nerves.

What Are Some Pain Relief Basics You Should Know?
Some Pain Relief Basics You should Know

In this part of the writing, we are going to provide you with some basic information about pain relief. We think, if you have the basics about pain relief, you are not going to fall into a world of trouble during an emergency. What are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Over-the-Counter Medication

You should probably know that you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy medicine all the time. Over the Counter (OTC) Medicines are those drugs that you can buy without a doctor’s prescription. For simpler pain problems, some medicines are named OTC medicines so that people can buy them from any counter without bothering to visit a doctor. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and acetaminophen (Tylenol) are the common names among them. These drugs can help you with the following problems-

●       Headache

●       Backache

●       Menstrual pain

●       Sprains and other minor injuries

●       Muscle aches

●       Arthritis

Prescription Drugs

For major health issues, you are not allowed to buy medicines from counters without any doctor’s prescription. Stronger pain relievers always require prescriptions. Even certain NSAIDs such as diclofenac (Voltaren) are available only when you have a prescription from a doctor.
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Strong opioid drugs that treat more severe pain like pain from surgery or a serious injury require prescriptions. These medications are similar to the illegal drug opium. There are several addictive drugs out there like opioids such as corticosteroids, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, etc. They should also be used carefully to avoid side effects.

Pain Relief without Drugs

Let’s forget about drugs. There are plenty of ways to relieve your pain without medicines. It will also help you achieve your drug-free life mission. You can even get relief from severe pains like those that emerge from Migraines. Nerdknowbetter CEO Henry J Taylor mentioned in his article that you can get rid of any kind of Headache problems with an amazing gadget named Aculief. Let’s not waste any more time and get to the points.

Cold and Heat

Isn’t it a familiar moment that your mother used to give your injured body parts cold water flow in your childhood? Yes, it is. And there’s a reason behind this common practice. Cold therapy usually narrows your blood vessels so that the inflammation gets reduced and your pain becomes numb.

Unlike cold therapy, heat therapy increases your blood flow to the injured area. This method relaxes your tight muscles. It is very useful for pain that lasts more than a few weeks.


Some of the recent studies prove that proper exercise after an injury might help you to ease off the pain. But we were taught not to move any injured part right after any injury. These studies thus prove the old ways to be wrong. There are only a few side effects of exercising after an injury. So don’t be afraid to move your muscles after an injury from now on.


Yoga is an ancient method of getting mental satisfaction. It is a combination of deep breathing and meditation. Though it is a very old method and has been used for a thousand years, researchers haven’t found yoga’s full potential. One of yoga’s main aspects is to improve your posture. By improving your posture, you can easily get relief from many of the simpler pains and aches that are linked to muscle tension. Yoga can also relieve you from arthritis, back pain, and fibromyalgia.


Why do you listen to music? Probably to find mental pleasure. Music actually heals people with mental issues. That’s why the appeal of music never seems to fade. Some of the studies state that music can be used to heal people from stress and anxiety. It can also be used to heal pain from nerve damage (especially listening to Turkish music helps in this case). What have we learned from here? Never stop listening to music!

Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy is very useful for back pains and stiff muscles. As therapists use rubbing and pressure during the massage, it helps your tight muscles to loosen up and keep you relaxed. And massages also improve blood flow to your whole body. So visiting a therapist is also a good option for you.

Final Words

Since we are increasing our reliance on machines and computers, we are not utilizing our body parts as they should be. And thus, we are facing problems here and there in our bodies. As it is impossible just to throw everything out and go back to the old ages, we have to improvise the situation. Maintaining a good daily routine can help you keep yourself on track.

However, we are not robots. And so we are very likely to face problems. By gathering some basic knowledge about pain reliefs will always put you on the edge. Don’t panic; take your time and stay safe. Have a great day!

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