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That unhealthy marriage is officially over now, but are you over it?  You must have gone through a lot that made you take this decision for your peace of mind. But are you justifying your decision after this emotional breakout? You did this for a better life but are you living through it and exploring yourself? Are you doing justice to your loved ones?

As a divorced woman, you have to take up a lot of social, economic, and physical challenges but the most important strength that will help you fight all these challenges is your will power to fight and rise. You need to understand how personality growth after the separation is important. That broken marriage has given you many emotional wounds but now you need to heal it and explore your inner self in positive ways. 

There are many ways you can move on from that not so pleasant past. But first, you need to understand what changes you require for yourself to be independent and happy. Happiness in life is the key to a healthy life. Maybe getting financially independent can give you a sense of strength, maybe finding a new partner for yourself can give you a sense of security or in many cases getting physically fit to provide inner peace and confidence. 

It can be different for all of you, not important that through what you get that strength, important is getting that independence, confidence, strength restored. A woman is the foundation of growth, prosperity, happiness, and strength for the world, so yes you are important for the world. You are worth all the joy and happiness around you. Just forget what happened and take your best foot forward to your desired life. 

You should start rebuilding your career. Maybe your marriage responsibilities may have buried all your talent, skills, and qualifications under those household activities. You should restart paying attention to what you want for your life, the aim you dreamed of. Getting financially independent restores the power and makes you self-sufficient. Being self -reliant gives you the strength back that you may have lost in the past. 

A sense of love, passion, and security plays a vital role in healing from a bad experience. It is not important that if your love or relationship related decision went wrong once, you don’t deserve a second chance on it. Maybe this time you will be wiser to choose a partner for yourself and have a happy life ahead with them. Dating can be a very good decision to be taken for moving on easier and relatively faster. All the love from your new partner will let you forget all those unpleasant feelings. It is said that true love originates the hormone of happiness, the skin glows within, aging agents are defeated, one feels enthusiastic towards life. Maybe if you are not ready for a commitment, today’s hook-up world can help you through that also. Having sex can help you move out of the older insecurities and enter the world of pleasure and passion. In today’s world, you can have mutual consent with your partner to have physical relations with or without any strings to be attached, this way you can have all the pleasure and all your body need. 

Many apps can help you with these issues.

Fitness and indulging in physical exercises not only boost our mood but also work in favor of happy hormones. Attractive and desired body shape gives you self-satisfaction and confidence to stand in front of the world and take up all the obstacles. Getting into sports, yoga, gym or any form of exercise keeps you young and going with the changing world. Just pamper yourself and feel happy.

Talking about pampering why do you even need a man for that, just go out shopping, spa sessions, salons, or anywhere you like it. Treat yourself with gifts and any item you always wanted. Travel around the countries you always wanted to, take yourself to the best restaurants invite your friend over and enjoy life like never before. You need to work all for your happiness try everything you always wanted to and just have new experiences to erase old ones.

Working towards mental health is also very necessary you can’t just ignore your mental stability and get into mental disorders. Your family, your friends they all need you and to fulfill that you need a happy mind and a peaceful soul. Just stop thinking about anything negative restore positivity and work towards enlighten. If you tend to suffer from any such anxiety or panic issues go see a psychiatrist, they will help you in all forms possible and can naturally restore all those positive elements missing.

If you have some living responsibilities like your children, your pets, or maybe your parents try and indulge yourself with them spending time with them, tell them how you feel, take care of them. They can turn into your strongest strengths to contest any emotional odds. Spend time going out with them telling your favorite stories and events, laugh with them, if u feel a sense of loneliness, they can cure it very well because they know that you need them and their love will make you vigorous.

It is necessary to overcome all those disheartening events in the past, this is the time to kick back into a life full of happy, satisfied, and independent elements. You need to understand why it is important for you to get over him and his memories. Remembering old days will only give you sadness and dullness, they will make you remember all those times in which you were not happy and was upset about your living that can lead to anxiety and depression issues. Just have a determination towards improvement, make your loved ones your power and go against the odds without much thinking, now it’s the time to make a difference from your existence, to back up all the power and confidence towards success and prosperity.  

By Caitlyn

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