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We often find ourselves examining our life, but we rarely stop to think about what we might be missing and what we might need in order to feel fulfilled. Don’t panic if these seem like large and intimidating questions (they are), you don’t need to know the answers right away. If you feel lost within yourself and you are ready to begin a journey of introspection, this is the article for you.  

Take a Personality Test 

A great way to find out a bit more about yourself is by taking a test like the Myer Briggs questionnaire. This helps you understand facets of your personality from an objective point of view. It is extremely useful for examining your strengths, weaknesses, and identifying what makes you tick as a person. For example, you could take the test and find out that you are an ENTJ meaning that you are highly focused and motivated by the bigger picture. Similarly, and ENTJ may struggle with feeling out of control or being challenged by their peers. Taking this test can give you great advice on how to better yourself and your reactions according to your personality.  

Start Meditating 

Meditation is a practice that has been around for centuries and it’s a great technique to get to know yourself and your mind. For best results, you should try to find a quiet place in which you can truly focus all of your energy. Avoid any distractions such as phones, traffic, or noise. Find a comfortable position and take deep breaths. Choose your mantra, it could be “I want to get to know myself better”, state your goals and try to imagine what would looks like. Close your eyes, focus on your breathing and place all of your attention in your mantra. This may seem strange at first but with a lot of practice you will begin to notice the incredible benefits of meditation. 

Go on a Detox 

Try to think back to a time in which you didn’t rely on any addictive substances. We’re not just talking about alcohol or smoking, but even things like sugar or electronics. Unfortunately, we often spend so much time infatuated with these addictive products or substances, that we rarely give our mind, bodies, and souls a break. Take a weekend off and truly disconnect from the world with a short detox. You can even do this at home. Turn your phone off and pick up a book. Go for a walk in the park and try to eat as healthily as you possible can. 

Self-discovery is a journey in which you identify your true sense of purpose, your wildest dreams, your talents, and even your personality traits. We can live in the same body with the same souls for decades and not even come close to truly knowing who we are. Don’t try to rush your journey towards self-discovery. Take each day as it comes and embrace new opportunities to get to know yourself on a deeper level.  

By Caitlyn

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