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A correct prescription is only part of the battle when looking forward to relief from respiratory ailments including cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and asthma. Proper administration using nebulisers makes up the remaining bit. This device administers a fine mist in the lungs through a combination of compressed air, oxygen, and ultrasound power. Medicine is broken down into tiny aerosol droplets easily inhaled through the mouthpiece by the lungs.

Getting the desired effect with nebulisers require droplets smaller than one to five micrometres. This limits the droplets from dissolving in the mouth and failing to penetrate through the narrow branches of the lower airways. Jet or compressor nebulisers are used today in hospitals to treat patients suffering from severe asthma attacks and respiratory disease. Jet nebulisers have low operational cost and very appealing for patients who have to inhale their medicine daily. However, these nebulisers create noise and are a bit heavy. 

Using ultrasonic nebulisers

These are the most convenient, functional, and portable nebulisers to use. The best thing about these nebulisers is potential for home use. Ultrasonic nebulizers generate high frequency ultrasonic waves causing mechanical vibration of the piezoelectric elements. Vibration of the element gets it into close contact with the liquid reservoir producing sufficient vapour. 

Using ultrasound waves make the nebuliser  to operate silently while weighing a bit heavy for using a heavy air compression unit. Development of ultrasonic vibrating mesh technology led to significant changes in the production of nebulizers. This technology significantly lowered liquid waste and unnecessary heating of liquid medicine which was a great concern when using regular nebulisers. 

When to use nebulisers?

Nebulisers are for administering various drugs including saline for lessening phlegm for people with lung infections. Patients who need higher doses of steroids also use nebulisers  to administer the appropriate dose. Additionally, these devices are applicable when administering antibiotics for patients suffering from bronchiectasis. In this case, the bronchial tubes are scarred lessening ability to clear mucus. 

People to use nebulizers should do so after recommendation by their doctors. This is after determining that nebulisers are the ideal solution to the patients’ ailments. The doctor comes up with a personalized treatment plan for every patient. This is beneficial just in case the condition worsens in case of emergencies like waking up breathless. It is also helpful when a regular dosage fails to give desired results. 

Using nebulisers requires familiarization of their basic functions including its set up. This might also include getting used to the process of how the delivery system for nebulisers works. Regular practice helps until the process becomes seamless. 

Equally important is the need to understand the appropriate care for nebulisers. This requires a clear understanding of the cleaning process, service, and repair when required. Additionally, there is a need to understand the right dosage to use, when to take it during the daytime and for how long to continue the dose. It is always important to ask your doctor on how to responsibly use nebulisers for the best results. 

Benefits of using nebulisers

Immediate relief

Patients who get severe attacks require clearing their airways urgently. Fortunately, nebulisers come in handy for such situations. This is beneficial for severe breathing problems that might end up becoming extremely distressing to patients. Additionally, the breathing problems might come with potentially serious complications. The patient might suffer from oxygen deprivation affecting vital body organs including the brain. Nebulisers offer immediate relief for patients to get the appropriate medication where it is needed the most. 

Independence care

People suffering from severe respiratory problems have to deal with someone always looking out to them just in case the situation gets out of hand. Luckily, nebulisers give patients a sense of independence. This is because patients can manage the symptoms along without anyone’s assistance. It also eliminates the needs for patients to always rush to medical facilities in case of an attack. Therefore, nebulisers lessen dependence on hospitals and other healthcare services. 

Access to treatment everywhere

Nebulisers are portable devices. Patients can move with their nebulisers everywhere to get instant relief in case of attacks. You have already noticed the independence that comes with using nebulisers. These devices also give patients more control over their treatment plans and own lives. Patients gain control over their health since there is no one to rely on for assistance when left alone. 

Convenient use

The final benefit of using nebulisers is their convenient use. Apart from using them anywhere, nebulisers are very easy to use. This is a handy feature for patients with disabilities or other conditions like arthritis who find using inhalers difficult process. Using nebulisers is a breeze making them ideal for elderly patients and those with hand maneuverability problems. 


Immediate assistance is necessary for life-threatening situations like breathing problems. Talking to a doctor and using quality nebulisers offers a handy solution urging those life-threatening moments

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