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In this article we are going to discuss about various benefits of drinking green tea before bed. let’s start the topic-  This beverage has got a very literal meaning, hasn’t it? With the blend of various herbs and spices wrapped in a bag, it is known for its miraculous post-effects. Unlike other beverages that are restricted only to good health people, this comes with its most natural and needless to say bitter sense of taste too.

In countries where cold climate usually acts as a catalyst for various flu and viral diseases, the addition of just one cup of green tea in your daily diet routine can create a huge difference. The promoting ads might delude you with its incredible taste but that should not stop you from inculcating such healthy sips, as this not only helps in keeping your body strong but you also stay active mentally all your day long.

Sadly, green tea is usually consumed during odd health. This isn’t a cure it is your prevention. Its steady consumption will lead you to your fuller and healthier growth.

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea Before Bed

1. Anti-aging Herb:-

Who doesn’t like to be glamorous even after crossing the age of ’30s and ’40s? Various products are available in the market which can be used as anti-aging creams. But recovering or gaining the glow naturally is satisfactory and safe. It is always glad to apply the not so tasty beverage over the skin, isn’t it?

Yes, you read it right. A tablespoon of green tea powder with honey can be used as a scrub or face pack. The antioxidant present in it slows down the aging of the skin and keeps its healthy, wrinkle-free, dark spot free, and glowing. Apply this face mask either overnight or for a stipulated time according to the individual convenience.

2. Cures the skin damages:-

Despite just glowing the skin this herb has the potential to cure the skin damages. The sunburn, tanned skin, acne, dark circles, dark spots over the face or body can be lightened. This keeps your skin healthy and glowing all along.

Constant application of the herb powder with the honey even after recovering the damage is practiced for better results ahead. Applying the same mask overnight is effective.

3. Voluminous and lengthy hair:-

Applying the lukewarm green tea over the scalp & covering the hair with the shower cap overnight (shower cap or any polythene cover can be used to keep the hair moisturized) is extremely healthy for the hair growth. It not only facilitates the hair to grow long but also helps the individual hair strands to grow in diameter hence transforming the hair voluminous & long and shiny. This hair pack can be kept overnight or according to individual convenience. 

Apart from the hair growth it also helps to minimize the dandruff of the scalp.

It can be effectively used for anti-lice treatment. Application of this pack twice or thrice can eliminate the lice.

4. Improves Oral Health:

In the busy schedule of the daily routine, many people skip taking dental care positively. Brushing the teeth twice a day, flushing the mouth often to remove the fine matter clogged in the teeth is the part of dental care & hygiene. The catechins present in the dark green tea helps to kill the dangerous bacteria and the virus which lead to tooth decay. The oral inflammation is reduced and the tooth pain if any can be curbed.

Also, it destroys the bad breathe & makes feel fresh. Drinking Green tea before bed helps to get good oral health & a good breathe in the morning.

5. Fat burn:

Obesity, belly fat is a growing obstacle in today’s era as today’s eating habits of the people have changed a lot. The fast-food and junk food leads to an increase in cholesterol levels. Intensive workouts for burning fats are practiced worldwide. No doubt it will make a difference. In addition to it, the herbal beverage like green tea can be a cherry on the cake. Fat can be burnt by the consumption of green tea twice or thrice a day. The metabolic rate of the individual is increased which leads to fat burning. This is a very effective way of weight loss.

6. Improves brain function:

The calculated amount of caffeine is always good for health unless consumed in excess quantity. The amount of caffeine necessary to boost mental health is found to be present in this beverage.

The amino acid & the L-theanine are the vital constituents to achieve sound mental health. The calculated amount of caffeine helps to feel fresh & active. Green tea before bed boosts the quality & quantity of sleep & after waking up gives a fresh feel & energy the rest of the day.

7. Boosts the energy:

The energy levels or the stamina of an individual is found to increase rapidly with the persistent consumption of green tea. The catechins present in it makes this happen. Hence the immune system of the individual is developed rapidly.

8. Reduces cancer risks:-

“Prevention is better than cure.” This is the most well-known saying. Prevention is the easiest better and safe way to practice. The poly-phenols are the most vital constituents present in the green tea. These poly-phenols impart the anti-aging property to the green tea. The different types of cancer like Breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer are prevented from happening to a greater extent.

9. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disorders:-

The cholesterol levels are highly reduced by the consumption of green tea. The decreased cholesterol level leads to fewer risks of heart diseases and sudden strokes. Practicing the cardio exercises too can double the benefit of the beverage consumed. 

10. Reduces the risk of diabetes:-

Nowadays the sugar-free beverages are preferred over the beverages with sugar content. Preferring green tea above all has lots of benefits. The regulation of the glucose levels is maintained by the green tea. This, in turn, helps to reduce the risks of diabetes. Two cups of green tea daily definitely hold the potential to keep a person diabetic free and healthy.

11. Increases the life span:-

Problems like obesity, heart disease, diabetes have set the bar rather high as compared to other diseases & death. This herbal drink finds itself useful in curbing various heart-related and insulin-deficient conditions. Therefore the deaths are minimized to a greater extent and the life span is increased. More than the beverage it is a good herb or preventive medicine to stay healthy & fit. 

12. Helps to keep the body hydrated:-

It is a misconception that the beverage like green tea dehydrates. But it is utterly wrong. Unlike other drinks as this bag of powder is usually taken with water dehydrating risks are automatically eliminated.

13. Helps to improve the digestive system:-

Green tea facilitates to reduce the inflammation in the bowels and bowel disorders. It helps in the bowel movement & avoids constipation. This process, in turn, benefits the digestive system of an individual. Drinking enough water a day is essential for the proper digestion in addition to it the beverage like green tea gears up the process.

14. Enhances bone health:-

There are studies showing the beneficial effects of green tea on bone health. Since the alkaline content is balanced in the body by the green tea it makes the bones stronger. The mineralization process is enhanced by its consumption & hence the health of the bones is improved. A cup of green tea before bed is most effective for the bones.

15. Purifies the blood:-

The green tea helps to purify the blood too. It can purify the blood as good as the Azadirachta indica leaves can. The great internal health can be achieved by the consumption of green tea persistently. Drinking green tea at the end of the day before going to bed is great favor done to the body.

Hence green tea is considered as the most beneficial and healthiest beverage on the planet. It is highly loaded with beneficial nutrients that have magical effects on our body. Your body will say thank you to you once it effectively works. In addition to all the above-mentioned points green tea highly boosts the sound sleep. Around 80% of the women do not get enough and sound sleep at nights. Minimum of 8 hours of sleep is essential for adults to be fresh & healthy. Quality & the quantity of sleep are equally important. The green tea helps to meet this requirement.

Drinking green tea before bed helps to get a sound sleep as well.

The magical beverage with both mental & physical benefits is worth consuming. It helps any age group of people to stay fit and healthy. Say yes to green tea and boost your physical & mental health.

By Caitlyn

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