Massages And Their Benefits

There is nothing better than returning home from work, only to stop by a masseuse and receive a massage that will make all of those tense and sore muscles relaxed. However, getting a massage is not just getting your muscles squeezed randomly. Different massage types have other effects on one’s body, so knowing which kind of massage would help you the most is essential.

Swedish massage

If you are looking for a gentle full-body massage that is an excellent introduction to massages, then the Swedish massage is the best choice. This is also a great massage for those with a lot of tension and sensitivity to the touch. It helps release muscle knots and is fantastic to receive at the end of a hard workday.

While receiving this massage, you will have to remove your clothes, but you can keep your underwear on. As you lay on the massage table, you will be covered by a sheet, and the massage therapist will uncover the sheet from areas where they have to do work.

During this massage, the therapist will use kneading techniques, long flowing strokes in the direction of the heart to promote circulation, deep circular motion, vibrating and tapping, and passive joint movement techniques. You can expect this massage to last at least an hour, and sometimes it can last up to ninety minutes.

Getting a massage will brighten up your mood

Sports massage

If you have experienced some kind of muscle injury, combining this massage with the best physiotherapist in Sydney like Infinity Allied Healthcare is a fantastic idea. By combining both services, your injured muscle will recover much faster thanks to both services’ certain benefits.

It is also good to combine physiotherapy and massage therapy if you are prone to injuries, as the preventive benefits when combined are incredible. Of course, if you just wish to get a sports massage, it has a lot of help on its own too.

For starters, it helps the body relieve pain and muscle tensions. It also helps your mental state by relieving you of anxiety. This massage can be done either as a full-body massage, but it can also focus on the area that requires the most attention. Massage therapists use deep pressure and soothing strokes, and they can perform them while you are either naked or clothed if you are wearing thin, loose clothes.

Deep tissue massage

It is common to think that a deep tissue massage is the same as a Swedish massage. That is completely alright because they are very similar. The only difference is that the massage therapist will use deep finger pressure to relieve tension in the deepest muscles and connective tissues.

This massage has various benefits, as it helps relieve tight muscles, chronic muscle pain, and anxiety. If you happen to have chronic muscle problems, this is the perfect massage for you, as it will help you more than other types. You can be either naked or in your underwear for this massage, and you can expect it to last from sixty to ninety minutes.

Deep tissue massages will relieve you of tight muscles

Oncology massage

If you are undergoing cancer treatments, getting this from a massage therapist will help you. This type of massage combines various methods, such as Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and lymphatic massage. The goal is to make the patient feel relaxed, and it benefits cancer treatment by improving both their physical and emotional health.

Thai massage

One of the most popular massages is the Thai massage, a more active form that helps relieve pain and stress. It also improves flexibility, circulation, and energy levels. This massage is interesting because it is similar to yogic stretching, as the massage therapist will use their palms and fingers to provide pressure to work the entire body.

During this massage, you can wear loose and comfortable clothes, but you can also be naked if you prefer it that way as the massage therapist will stretch and twist you into various poses. This massage lasts similarly to other massages, which is from sixty to ninety minutes.

Hot stone massage

If you are experiencing muscle pain and tension, or if you are just looking for a great way to relax, then this massage type is the one for you. It is very similar to the Swedish massage, but instead of using their hands only, the massage therapist also uses heated stones.

The benefits of this massage aim to improve blood flow, relieve pain, ease muscle tension, promote relaxation and relieve stress. During this massage, you will not be wearing clothes, besides your underwear, but you will be covered with a sheet.

The therapist will place the heated stones on different areas of your body, and they may hold the stone while working on a separate site. On rare occasions, the massage therapist may suggest using cold stones instead.

Final word

The massage types we have covered are just some of many, and the ones we have not listed have their benefits and their ways of being performed. Massage therapy is very underrated, as it can provide more than just a relaxing session after work. It can significantly improve someone’s physical and mental health, which is why getting one from time to time is smart, even when you are not stressed. 

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