What Are Eyebrow Tattoos

Beauty enhancement procedures are becoming quite popular nowadays, not just with women. Men have also become more aware of their looks and started to acknowledge the benefits of skincare routine and even cosmetic enhancements. When it comes to looking good, many of us left no stone unturned. We sought every procedure and beauty trend available in the market.

One of the popular cosmetic enhancements nowadays is eyebrow tattoos.

Eyebrow tattoos are an example of a cosmetic procedure sworn by both celebrities and ordinary people who want to have lush and on-fleek brows sans the hassle of using an eyebrow pencil or gel every day. Due to its growing popularity, many beauty salons and clinics offer this service.

But what is an eyebrow tattoo? Is it similar to getting a typical skin tattoo? What are the benefits and the drawbacks of getting one? 

What Is An Eyebrow Tattoo? 

An eyebrow tattoo is a cosmetic procedure that mainly focuses on getting your eyebrows improved. By improved, we mean that you will have a thicker, fuller, and formed eyebrows with this procedure. However, the very first thing to know and understand for anyone interested in getting an eyebrow tattoo is that it follows the same and similar method of a typical skin tattoo. So, if you’re afraid of needles, you better need to reconsider whether you want to undergo the procedure or not. 

Like in a typical skin tattoo, an eyebrow tattoo uses a specific tool to draw ink on your skin. In this matter, it’s on your eyebrows.  A professional esthetician will handle the procedure by following the standard health protocol, such as practicing the right hygiene rules and anesthesia.

An eyebrow tattoo procedure takes a more extended period to ensure that the shape and the form of the eyebrows are exactly like what the client wanted. The anesthesia needs a little time to sit on the skin before the aesthetician starts the whole procedure. Like a typical skin tattoo, you also need to follow the necessary aftercare of eyebrow tattoos to avoid any complications or issues after the procedure. 

The Pros And The Cons 

Like with any other thing, eyebrow tattooing doesn’t come any different at all, as it is also subject to both pros and cons. For any interested client, understanding the pros and cons of this cosmetic procedure can help develop a decision. 

Here are a few things you need to consider. 


If you consider getting an eyebrow tattoo, it will:

Save You Time 

Aside from getting your eyebrows done in perfect shape with a nice bush and form, giving you that instant celebrity look, getting an eyebrow tattoo saves you time instantly. With this, you don’t need to spend long hours on your vanity mirror to get that perfectly done eyebrow every time you go to the office or attend a special event. 

Aside from the beauty factor, it allows you to be more time-efficient. You have saved yourself from the long hours of perfecting that curve on your eyebrows to get it on fleek. 

Save You Money 

For women out there, have you thought to try to count how many eyeliners, brush, and other eye makeup and tools you need to retain and purchase every time you run out of it? 

Whether your answer is a yes or a no, getting yourself an eyebrow tattoo saves you money. The actual cost of your eyebrow tattoo is a wise expense when you compare it with how many years you’re using eye makeup products. 

Improve Your Appearance 

Many people think that eyebrow tattoos are only for individuals who want to improve or get themselves more beautiful in the public eye. But this is not the case. Apparently, eyebrow tattooing helps many people living with uncommon issues, such as thinning of eyebrow hair and spaces or gaps with eyebrow hair growth. 

Others turn to get an eyebrow tattoo due to some health circumstances, like chemotherapy, while others need to get it due to an accident. We often take for granted how having a great-looking eyebrow can do with our face and its role in our everyday look. 


Getting an eyebrow tattoo has its minor drawbacks, such as:

It Is Painful

Yes, it is painful. The esthetician will use needles to add ink to your skin and will surely give you a series of stinging effects. However, the painful feeling won’t sit that long because your esthetician will use a numbing agent on your skin. But for individuals with sensitive skin, itchiness, inflammation, and even allergy are expected. That’s why you always need to report to a professional about all your skin conditions if you have one. 

Pro-tip: Never submit to any clinic or esthetician claiming to be a professional in eyebrow tattooing without prior health consultation. It’s a must to check your primary health condition, especially the one related to your skin condition. 

They Are Not That Permanent

Eyebrow tattoos last long. However, as people grow old, our skin condition changes from time to time, so eyebrow tattooing requires maintenance. But don’t fret as it won’t fade immediately after a year of having it. The esthetician can do touch-ups after three years and up, and it depends on how your skin accepts a foreign object in its system. 

An eyebrow tattoo is prone to discoloration as it gradually fades and loses its original ink colors. That’s why touch-ups are best recommended when such an occurrence starts to show. 


Both men and women undergo facial reconstruction and cosmetic surgery to make them feel better about themselves. And there’s no harm in that. It is not wrong to want to feel good and look great, as it’s one way to boost our self-confidence. 

However, one should be mindful that whatever we want to do with our body or face, we should know both the pros and cons. This will give us a sense of security and have the right information before making any decision, and getting an eyebrow tattoo is not exempted from that rule.

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