PEMF Therapy

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) is a form of therapy that sends electromagnetic pulses into your body to stimulate your body’s electromagnetic field. When the internal fields are stimulated, they can communicate with the other cells and organs more effectively, leading to improved health.

This is the basis of PEMF therapy. If your cellular communication is working at peak performance, your health (physical and mental) shows improvement. To top it all, the treatment is completely non-invasive, and less than 5% of patients have any complaint regarding side effects. The PEMF benefits are numerous, and here you can look at a few problems that PEMF therapy can solve.


The most common complaint of patients who consider PEMF therapy is long-term pain in their bodies. When these people are tired of taking painkiller medication that comes with a whole host of side-effects, they turn to therapy. It is probably because, over time, the body builds a resistance to painkillers making them less effective. 

PEMF therapy fixes the same way in which your body works by merely signaling the body to address the problem and solve it naturally.


PEMF therapy forces your body’s synapses to kick into high gear, thereby increasing your body’s energy production in cellular and muscular processes. It also notifies your heat stress proteins to increase production during exercise leading to a significant lowering in cramps and muscle pulls. These proteins are also responsible for the body fixing itself from minor inflammations and injuries. It is a blessing for athletes as the recovery time between exertions is drastically low. 


Your brain is the primary center that manages all communications between your organs. When this communication is improved and efficient, your brain will have more room to address other issues. 

PEMF therapy has been known to promote your brain’s operations to something known as an alpha state. It means your brain is awakened but not stressed. Your brain is more susceptible to learning in this state and has increased retention without expending any excess energy. This leads to fewer distractions and increased productivity.


If used regularly, PEMF therapy has been proven to be an effective manager of stress. PEMF therapy sends electromagnetic pulses to both the nervous and the endocrine systems. It means that your brain receives constant signals to release the right hormones that help combat the effects of stress. 

This effect lasts much longer after the therapy as your brain will now be conducive to fighting stress and thus is more experienced and efficient at it. Even in patients with forms of depression resistant to drugs, transcranial PEMF is more effective.


PEMF helps with problems like insomnia and deals with falling asleep or sustaining that quality of sleep. As mentioned previously, PEMF therapy awakens your brain while simultaneously relaxing it. It leads to improved production of two hormones, namely HGH and Melatonin. Melatonin is produced in your pineal glands, which can be stimulated through PEMF. These hormones are produced while you sleep, so their production is directly connected to sleep quality. 

To get a detailed look at the whole list of PEMF benefits and how PEMF therapy interacts with your body, you should consult the experts before deciding.

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