What happens when you stop taking Tejocote Root?


These days, ‘Tejocote Root’ is gaining popularity as a weight loss supplement. And why not! In this age of growing competition, we tend to ignore our health and soon become ridden with health problems like obesity, Diabetes, and Osteoporosis. Diabetes, in particular, is common in every second person. And when you are down with this chronic condition, you tend to look for new developments to ease the symptoms. 

The best way to fight Diabetes is certainly the guidance of your doctor. The prescribed medicines directly hit the associated problems like blood sugar, high blood pressure, and risk of heart stroke. A healthy diet and regular exercise are also needed to tackle the problem effectively. A healthy lifestyle and prescribed medicines no doubt have the power to combat the problem. But when you are fighting a problem, you keep looking for solutions that might provide fast relief. 

Natural remedies have caught the imagination of fitness enthusiasts like no other! Especially, natural supplements made from medicinal plants are a preferred choice to conventional medicines. They are rare ingredients that are said to be immensely beneficial. Tejocote Root falls in this category. Let us learn about the benefits and side effects of the weight loss supplement Tejocote Root.

What is Tejocote Root?

Tejocote Root is a weight loss supplement that is very popular in Mexico and Central America. People know it by its regional names like the Mexican Hawthorn Root, Texocoti, or Raiz de Tejocote. The medium sized tree produces yellow apple like fruits that have horns. It is natural and organic and said to be a safer option. Every part of the Tejocote tree comes into use in the therapeutic field, from the bark, fruit, leaves, and, not to forget, the root tubers.  

Tejocote Root and Weight Loss!

Tejocote Root, as we all know now, is a good weight loss supplement. People prefer to take Tejocote Root Tea rather than capsule supplements. Tejocote supplements are popular on social media and e-commerce websites. They have claimed that Tejocote has various health benefits, including weight loss.

 It reduces fat by eliminating excessive body fat. It works on the body by cleansing it and detoxifying the body. It softens the fat and flushes it out of the body. The website also states that Tejocote keeps the elastin and collagen intact because the supplement protects the muscle tissue from sustaining any harm. It reduces cholesterol and helps the skin to recuperate properly. 

The Benefits of Tejocote Root!

Apart from Weight loss, the website claims other Tejocote Root Benefits. For centuries, people have been using it as a medicinal herb. In Europe, surgeons use the flowers and leaves of the Tejocote plant to treat congestive heart failure. Tejocote Fruit is a diuretic and very beneficial to treat coughs and other respiratory ailments. Its various benefits are: –

Furthermore, this supplement decreases the risk of Colon Cancer and maintains intestinal functions. It also helps in diminishing hemorrhoids and relieves Constipation. It helps in maintaining blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure. However, it is important to note that these claims lack medical proof. As a precaution, it is recommended to take these supplements only on the advice of a doctor.

Tejocote Root Side Effects!

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has observed that the Tejocote Root supplement may contain a toxic substance called yellow oleander. It can cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting even death. According to evidence, in New Jersey, a toddler had food poisoning after accidentally consuming his mother’s Tejocote Supplement. Tejocote supplements can also cause respiratory problems and heart diseases. However, Jennifer Susan Love, MD, notes that Yellow Oleander poisoning is treatable if the person receives immediate care. If the patient knows that he has taken yellow oleander and feels dizzy, nausea or chest pain, he must immediately rush for doctor’s help.

What happens when you stop taking Tejocote Root!

What happens when you stop taking Tejocote Root? Yes Indeed! We need to find answers to this question before getting hooked on the Tejocote Root supplement for weight management because when you get used to something and suddenly stop it, effects are bound to occur! With Tejocote too, several things can happen which depend on how long you have been using the supplement – 

Weight Loss Effects – Tejocote Root supplement helps you burn fat and keep your appetite in check! But when you stop taking Tejocote, you can face problems in your weight management. In addition, it could become hard for you to control your appetite. 

Digestion Problems – It is also known to help in digestion and relieve Constipation. But it can cause discomfort if you stop taking it. Your digestive system can go out of control. 

Decreased Energy Levels – Some users have also said that it increases energy levels. When you stop taking Tejocote, you can experience a temporary decrease in your energy level. 

Tejocote Root Supplements are harmful because when you take them regularly, you start depending on them. When you stop taking Tejocote Root, you can experience withdrawal-like symptoms, or the symptoms that you wanted to cure can also return and create the same problems again. It is important to note that these symptoms can vary from person to person. So, we recommend consulting your doctor for the discontinuation process. It will help you to take full advantage of Tejocote Root.


Indeed, fitness issues upset us, and many of us become extra careful about our fitness. We want to try anything that helps in weight loss. But we must consult our doctor before consuming anything, even Tejocote Root supplement. Even nature therapy can become fatal without expert advice. Remember, prevention is better than cure!

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