What You Should Do When You Have UTI

UTI is one of the most common conditions worldwide, especially among babies, older people, and women. Around one in 20 men and one in two women will get UTI in their lifetime. The symptoms are very distinct when you have this condition. It’s a burn or pain when urinating, and the increased frequency and urgency to urinate are the most common symptoms.

Do you think you have a urinary tract infection (UTI)? If so, chances are you must be very uncomfortable and probably wonder what you can do to find relief. In this article, we’ve got the information you need to feel better sooner.

See Your Healthcare Provider

If you don’t treat it immediately, it can lead to a much bigger problem, e.g., kidney infection. If you have UTI, you should immediately book an appointment with a healthcare provider. The fastest way to treat your UTI is by taking an antibiotic to kill the bacteria in your system causing the infection. 

Are you worried because seeing a provider in person isn’t an option for you? Then it would help if you were glad to know that there are services on the Internet that let you set up a virtual appointment, with real doctors, of course. Healthcare and technology have come a long way; there is even teletherapy and virtual appointments for UTI consults like yours. 

During your appointment, whether virtual or in the hospital or clinic, the physician will ask you routine questions about your symptoms and if you’re prone to UTI. There’s a chance that you’d be asked to provide a urine sample. 

It would give your healthcare provider a much better view of what they’re dealing with. After consulting with your physician, they may prescribe you antibiotics to help relieve you of your misery.

Get Your Prescription Filled

If you’ve already received your prescription for the antibiotics you’ll need, you must get it filled immediately at your nearest pharmacy as soon as possible. The faster you can purchase your medication and take it, the faster your condition will be treated. 

It would be much better to purchase your prescription from your local pharmacy rather than deliver it to your home. It would take a much longer waiting period, and you would have to sit in pain from your UTI symptoms, and you wouldn’t want that. 

If you want to save money when purchasing your prescription, visit BuzzRX to get your coupons in the 60,000 pharmacies where you can use these coupons. You don’t have to ask every pharmacy near you if they accept coupons from this company because you can easily search for the pharmacies that participate in these coupons from their website.

You should also check if the pharmacy you chose if they have the following:

  • curbside pick-up
  • same day delivery
  • drive-thru pick-up
  • option to pay ahead to avoid long lines at the counter

Every pharmacy is different; it’s favorable for future needs if you find a pharmacy that gives excellent service and options and accepts coupon cards. Also, no matter what pharmacy and antibiotic you’re prescribed, the most important thing is to finish the entire course given, even if you start to feel better. 

You should know that the antibiotic still kills all the bacteria in your system, even if you feel better. Stopping early can make it harder to treat your UTI.

Take Over-the-Counter Painkillers

If you’ve taken your antibiotics but are still experiencing some pain, you can take over-the-counter medications to help alleviate your UTI symptoms. You can get pain relievers to alleviate your back or pelvic pain. 

Phenazopyridine can help with the pain and burning sensation during urination. OTC medications only provide temporary relief; they aren’t there to treat your UTI, so avoid thinking about this misconception and avoid taking them in place of antibiotics.

Before taking these over-the-counter painkillers and phenazopyridine, ensure that you consult with your physician first. 

Take Plenty Of Water

It’s the easiest tip anyone will give you when you have UTI, but it’s incredibly important. Drink lots of water to flush the bacteria out of your system much faster. Doing this can also help with the stinging and burning sensation of urinating since water can dilute your urine. If your urine is diluted when you have a UTI, it would be less irritating for you. 

If you’re wondering if you can flush out the bacteria with just water alone, just like how many people have told you, you should know that there isn’t a solid research base to support this notion, so there’s no telling how effective it is. 

However, if you’re prone to UTIs, drinking lots of water can help prevent you from getting UTIs. You may increase your water intake by at least 1.5 liters if you want to reduce the frequency of getting this condition.

Final Thoughts

Ensure you follow this list if you want to say goodbye to that burning sensation when you pee and countless UTI symptoms. Take this as a lesson never forget to drink water and be careful about your health.

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