What Side Should I Sleep on with a Ruptured Eardrum

Nature provides the ability to hear to humans and many other species. We are perfect in the way we hear and able to represent what we hear, sometimes through the words and sometimes by signs.

Ears are one of the most important and one of the most delicate parts in our body. They are little in shape but for importance they are top on the priority list.

We need every required organ to live healthy and perfectly. If one of the parts of our body is damaged, our daily activities get affected even if we face some serious issues in the future.

Same case happens if you have a damaged ear. It creates so many issues such as hearing difficulty and unbearable pain. 

Do you know what an eardrum is? 


Do you know what a ruptured eardrum is?

Eardrum is a very tiny and delicate part of our ears. We are going to discuss it further in our article. So what we are covering today. 

By reading this article you will eventually know every detail about a ruptured eardrum and how someone can sleep with a ruptured eardrum in a better way. We will provide some tips also. 

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What is an eardrum?

Eardrum is found inside the ear and it is a very small, delicate and stretched layer of tissue which protects your ear and controls other hearing functions.

It plays a great role in the hearing process. It prevents dust and other harmful materials from going inside our ear. An eardrum is also called a tympanic membrane. 

It works as a transmitter across the ear to transmit sound through it. It also amplifies the vibrations of any sound. 

What is a ruptured eardrum?

Ruptured eardrum is formed when any kind of maligne happens with your ear. Ear infection is one of these causes of ruptured eardrum.

When you get an ear infection, the eardrum of your ear also faces the bad outcomes of the infection and thus it becomes damaged and ruptured. You will lose your hearing ability in this situation.

The next cause can be a trauma. Hearing a loud sound is also the reason for ruptured eardrum. Sometimes even our bad habits can cause a ruptured eardrum. Such as putting matchsticks or any other thing inside the ear is very harmful and can damage your eardrum.

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Causes of the ruptured eardrum:

In this section we are going to talk about the causes of ruptured eardrum. These causes are mentioned below 👇

  • Ear infection is the main cause of ruptured eardrum.
  • Any kind of trauma is also responsible for ruptured eardrum.
  • When you accidentally hear a loud sound, the chances of rupturing your eardrum is high.
  • When we put anything which shouldn’t be put inside the ear, we are on the verge of destroying the eardrum.

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What Side Should I Sleep on with a Ruptured Eardrum?

Sleeping can be a difficult task when you have a ruptured eardrum.

Pain which comes from this damage is the main reason why people can’t sleep at night. To relieve this pain you can try some tips provided below.

  • Try to keep your ear dry. Prevent it from getting wet or prevent any type of liquid such as water, oil etc from going inside your ear. Soap and any other materials can do so much harm to your eardrum especially when it is ruptured.
  • Try to rest as much as possible. Rest can heal the pain and you will get relief.
  • Don’t ever try to plug your ears. It can become very dangerous. So never ever plug your ears when they have ruptured eardrums.
  • Take proper medicine to prevent further infections.

Now the question arises how should we sleep with a ruptured eardrum?

Here are some tips to get better sleep with a ruptured eardrum.

  • Try to sleep on your back and if you want to sleep by your side , do not choose that side in which your eardrum is ruptured.
  • Try hot and cold compression for your ear to reduce the pain.
  • You can inhale steam for better relief.
  • You must try gargling with salt water before going to sleep.
  • Use soft pillows to support your head.
  • Take deep breathing to get a sound sleep.

Some home remedies:

  • Hot and cold compression for your ear, in which the eardrum ruptures, can be one of the effective techniques to reduce the pain and swelling of the ear.
  • Gargling is another better option to get some relief with the pain. Take some lukewarm water and add salt in it and start gargling. You will feel relief after some time.
  • You can inhale steam through your nose. It’s a fact that your nose and ears are connected somehow so that steam inhaling can reduce the pain and irritation.
  • Take proper medical consultation with your doctor. If the situation gets worse, kindly complete the treatment. 

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How are you feeling right now after reading a very informative article?

I hope you are feeling amazing. Ears are such a sensitive part of our body and we shouldn’t ignore any odd symptoms. Take care of your ears as you take care of your body. 

Now the time has come to end our conversation here and I promise you to come back soon with another amazing article. Stay safe and stay healthy. 

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