Essential Oils for Ear Infection

Anything that might happen to the five essential sense organs of our body affects the working of the whole body. 

They provide the stimulation that the human body requires. 

Numerous issues are linked with them; some are acute, while others are chronic. One such common and disturbing problem is Ear infection. 

Through this article, we will talk about various essential oils which can help to soothe earache. We will also highlight some home remedies which can help to make the situation better. Keep reading to know all about the cure of ear infection and put yourself to the much-needed ease. 

Ear Infection:

Ear infection refers to the swelling of the middle ear, just near the eardrum. The disease is usually embarked by swelling or accumulation of liquid in the middle ear. This leads to sharp pain in the ear. The pain can even be more exaggerated and maybe a symptom of chronic ear infection. 

Also, there are various types of ear infection that people suffer from. The usual types are infection of the middle ear and outer ear. The former is caused due to seasonal change or cold-induced respiratory problem. 

This can lead to swelling or redness of the middle ear and may cause pain or itching sensation. And in some cases, it might even cause numbness and difficulty to comprehend noises. 

 The latter is caused by the accumulation of water while bathing or washing the face. The water in the outer ear calls for bacterial infection and thus leads to sharp pain emerging from the ear. 

Essential Oils for Earache:

Essential oils carry natural and organic substances which can be used to treat various infections. There are a variety of oils that are proved to be successful in curing ear infection, both of the middle and the outer ear. 

Here is a list of the top 5 essential oils which can be used as a remedy. 

● Tea Tree Oil. 

Tea tree oil has the ability to kill all kinds of bacteria which may cause infection. This is the reason it’s a good cure for ear infection as it kills germs and reduces swelling. It also soothes the earache. 

● Castor Oil. 

Castor oil can be used to cure ear infection and earache. It is also believed to ease the numbness of the ear which is produced due to excessive pain. 

● Mustard oil

Some might entitle this to be a myth, but mustard oil can treat ear infection faster and better. Two drops of mustard oil into the ear and a slight rubbing of the ear to make sure that the oil has penetrated is enough to subside the pain. 

● Garlic Oil. 

This oil can be prepared at home easily. Garlic is a great way to kill bacteria and decrease the swelling of the ear. If used twice a day, it does wonders in improving the situation. 

● Basil Oil. 

Basil oil is used for a variety of reasons. But not many know that it can be used to cure ear infection also. Usually, it is used as a magic element in the treatment of rat infection, but there is evidence that it reduces the redness and numbness of the middle ear. 

Home Remedies for Ear Pain

● Aspirin. 

In cases of unbearable pain, an adult can consider taking aspirin or other pain relief medicines in a chronic ear infection. If the pain does not subside, the dose should not be retaken, instead one should seek medical help immediately. 

● Warm mustard oil

For children, warm mustard oil can be dropped into the ear which has the infection, and the child should be asked to lie down with the normal ear pressed down on the mattress so that the oil penetrates the ear and reduces the pain. 

● Ginger juice

Ginger can be used to reduce swelling at home. All one has to do is extract ginger juice and add 2 or 3 drops into the ear. This will reduce the pain and swelling soon. 

● Ice bag 

Sharp pain and numbness can also be cured by using an ice bag and occasionally pressing it against the affected ear. Remember, do not exert too much pressure on the ear; it might make the situation worse. 

● Exercises

Exercises can help in easing the nerves of the ear. And even letting the accumulated water ooze out and relieve the pain. One can try to do various neck exercises at home to see the wonders it does.


EAR INFECTIONS can be prevented by avoiding certain things. One must always remember to clean the ear with a cotton bud and never penetrate any sharp object into the ear. The cotton bud should not be poked excessively, instead use a slow, circular motion to clean the air. 

Take good care of inner health and do not focus just on the outer one. A body which is healthy and clean from the inside will reflect on the outside. It will transform you into a brighter and healthier person. 

By Caitlyn

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