How Long Does Stomach Flu Last

Stomach flu is a very common problem in society these days. The virus is very easily transmitted into the body and affects our stomach (intestines) as these organs are very sensitive, thus what we eat and how that food was made matters. Right in 2020 stomach viruses like NOROVIRUS and INFLUENZA -A are hitting all around the globe. The world has been going through this common disease present in many forms of viruses and bacterias. Stomach flu is said to be very common and easily infectable as these viruses and bacterias are commonly around and yet ignored.

We need to know about stomach flu and stomach viruses to prevent and treat it in better ways, than actually ignoring our bowel conditions leading to major illnesses.

What is Stomach Flu?

Stomach flu is an intestinal infection caused mainly from contaminated food or after getting in contact with an infected person. The virus causes stomach flu that transmits through unhygienic activities, this virus is called the stomach virus (NOROVIRUS). When these harmful viruses get into our system they create inflammation and irritation in the intestines that are the first indication of having the stomach flu.

The stomach virus is present in the environment very commonly as it is originating from dirt and contaminations around. Viruses are easily transmitted from a person, unhygienic food, and dirty surfaces touched by the person while any intake of food items.

Signs and Symptoms of Stomach Flu

Talking about FLU (influenza) generally targets only respiratory systems i.e. nose, throat, and lungs, but stomach flu (Gastroenteritis) aims at our intestines.

Common symptoms are-

  • Diarrhoea (watery stool)
  • Cramps and pain in the abdominal region 
  • Vomiting 
  • Nausea 
  • Pain or contraction in muscles
  • Headache 
  • Low-grade fever 
  • Indigestion 
  • Belching
  • Dehydration
  • Chills 
  • Weight loss (excessive)
  • Inflammation and acidity 

These are some common symptoms found in the patient having the stomach flu. Early observation is the key to get rapid improvement.


It is a very old saying that “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”. Preventing this flu and the virus is quite easy to maintain. This virus is transmitted in our bodies because of some inappropriate habits and actions.

 In our busy lifestyle we ignore maintaining a healthy life routine and to take precautions for a healthier body. All of us need to take care of ourselves because that is the only way we can take care of and protect our family and fulfill other responsibilities. 

Stomach flu not only makes us unhealthy but is dangerous for our family and friends too, thus it is very important to take precautions and stay healthy for our families. One should also educate their children and other people around the precautions for the betterment of society towards health issues.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for preventing these viruses.


  • Avoid unhygienic food and food items which are being contaminated.
  • Avoid eating in dirty and polluted places. 
  • Wash your hands right before in taking any edible substance.
  • Drink a lot of sealed water that neutralizes the virus.
  • Keep distance from the infected and unhealthy people.
  • Use separate daily items even in your own house.
  • Disinfect surfaces contacted by many before touching.
  • Avoid raw and unwashed food.
  • Avoid under cooked meats and poultry items.
  • Boil veggies and milk before usage.


  • Having food at any local or unhygienic stalls 
  • Coming too close to infected people.
  • Sharing food with people having any symptoms or are infected.
  • Having water from any dispenser in any glass.
  • Using daily items commonly with everyone in the house.
  • Not washing utensils before using them.
  • Reheating food items.
  • Reheating food oil.
  • Using public toilets.
  • Unhygienic routines.
  • Usage of ice cubes, as they are made of contaminated water.

Treatment of Stomach Flu

Stomach flu is caused by commonly available viruses and germs in our surroundings, thus it can be treated in common and easy ways. But the infectant needs to realize and take the treatments on time any incomprehension can cause impairment.


While having stomach infection we need to let our bowels settle down. Resting bowels i.e. giving it a holiday from digestion working can help to treat the infection. As the virus disorganizes the whole digestion system it needs rest from heavy indigestions. One should take more liquid than solid foods. As the liquid is easily digestible.


Due to diarrhea and vomiting, the body loses a lot of water which leads to dehydration causing the virus to affect the body even adversely. Thus, keeping the body hydrated is very important. Hydration helps in the expansion of contracted muscles and gives relief from pain and nausea. One should avoid having too much water or glucose in one sip rather should take little sips in good gaps.


An adequate amount of resting helps the body to recover from the harms done by the virus. Sleeping well not only lets the muscle relax from the contraction caused by continuous pain but also the least energy consumption helps the antibodies to fight against the virus easily. 


One should be careful while taking medicines for treating the infection. Most favorable is taking prescribed medicines by the doctor if symptoms get worse but generally some antibiotics present in the market help treating the infection in no time. Other way to prevent infections is by getting a vitamin IV infusion from AZ IV Medics that will help in enhancing the immune system.


After getting relief against the infection it is very important to maintain the intake of good food and practicing hygienic habits because the reoccurrence of the virus can cause a lot of problems than before. One should slip into easily digestible food for good 10-15 days, should drink a lot of water, and should care more about hygiene issues. Avoid spicy and fatty food.


Good home remedies are easily available on the net on trusted and genuine sites and also are given in heredity by our grandmothers, these remedies also help in boosting immunity to fight against the virus and treat the infection. Herbs are very beneficial for treating stomach irritation as they contain natural immunity boosters and many ingredients that help a person stay healthy anyways.


If the health remains getting towards deterioration and pain lasts longer one should not ignore it and should contact the doctor as soon as possible. Sometimes other infections are confused with common flu and it gets worse because of ignorance. Appropriate treatment is very important.

These are some common treatment steps that can be taken by the patient to fight against the infection. 

How Long Does Stomach Flu Last?

Generally, stomach flu lasts for a maximum of 2 days (14-48 hrs), but the symptoms last for 10 days. Adequate resting and medication help the virus to go away within two days, but if the health continues to that needs to be treated by professionals. Ignorance towards little details may cause dangerous outcomes.

Good treatment and precautions mentioned should be followed while infected eliminates the virus and is beneficial for the patient as well as the people around. Viruses entering the bodies are generally very weak against our antibodies, thus they get killed easily by a strong immune system within 2-3 days, because of the harm caused due to the infection the body gets very weak and continues showing lasting symptoms. One should not worry about it, preferably should take care of themselves.

Is the Stomach Flu Contagious?

As stomach flu originates because of norovirus or stomach virus, these little viruses are easily contagious throughout the infecting period. The severe days i.e. the first 2 3 days, the virus can be easily transmitted from one to the other.

Close contact with the infected person can cause easy transmission. Using the same items used by the patient without disinfecting it can also cause transmission. It’s better to maintain distance from the infected person.

Bacteria, viruses, and parasites make stomach flu contagious. Prevention is the best way to keep ourselves away from stomach flu. Mostly stomach flu catches because of these transmitting agents. One should use masks and sanitizers to avoid inhalation of germs and killing the virus respectively.


 Stomach flu is very contagious and is an easily transmitted disease. Viruses and unwanted bacteria entering the body causes the symptoms mentioned above. True ways to avoid the flu is by taking precaution and maintaining hygienic habits. Severe cases need medication and proper treatments for betterment. Stomach flu can be a very common reason for many other diseases to attack the body, as the virus makes the body fragile which can help other viruses to attack as well. So all we need to do is observe any unusual changes in the body and should take the best treatments available and eliminate the virus from our happy lives.

All given treatments and preventions are useful for eliminating Stomach viruses from our daily lives. Our lifestyle is full of hectic working and responsibilities which don’t allow us to afford to get ill and resulting in pending duties, thus it is very important to keep ourselves away from all the unhealthy germs and viruses.

One should never ignore any unusual symptoms in the body as it may cause serious issues. Health is directly related to our daily productivity; a healthy man is an asset whereas an unhealthy one is a liability for everyone.

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