Hearing Loss Due to Loud Music

It has become a tradition for today’s generation to listen to music in volume much more than it’s required. They increase the volume unapologetically and don’t think about the major damage that they are doing to themselves. It’s not just about them, it also disturbs various living beings of the society.

Listening to very high volume music can cause some serious permanent damage and I know that most of us really don’t want that. So, in this article we are going to discuss some of the effects of listening to loud music and also some facts that you should know. So just stay tuned as I’m here to answer all your queries and share some amazing information.

What Studies Say About It?

According to the studies, listening to loud music can cause permanent irreversible damage to the hearing of most of the teenagers and young adults. Modern hearing aids that are rechargeable have become more popular as people lose their hearing at much younger ages than 30 years ago.

Studies have shown that almost one billion younger adults revolve around the risk of losing their hearing by listening to loud music. : If you’re living somewhere in Santa Monica and you don’t know how to find an audiologist near you then start by typing “Hearing Test” in your browsers

Clubs, concerts and various other entertainment venues play their loud music which have serious consequences for young people. This joyous experience which is exposing them to loud and prolonged music can damage their sensory cells permanently which leads to irreversible hearing loss.

Measures to protect people from unsafe sound levels

  1. Keep the volume down

Young people walk around with earbuds or headphones which are attached to their devices such as tablets, music players etc. In order to decrease the risk of hearing problems, try to keep the volume down as much as possible. Listening to loud music with your earbuds on is one of the most unsafe things as it’s close to the eardrum. Just imagine the amount of damage that you are doing to yourself.

  1. Using earplugs around loud music

This is very important if you work in a noisy environment or go to some noisy places such as concerts. Noisy environment also includes construction sites and entertainment venues.

     2) Give your ears some time to relax

Don’t listen to loud music almost everyday. Try to relax without your devices and media switched on.

  1. Don’t use cotton buds too often

Cotton buds can damage the ear if you poke them in too far or pack in the earwax which you are trying to remove. It can harm your hearing by causing damage to the eardrum.

  1. Workout more

Try to workout quite often as it will keep you more healthier. If you want to achieve maximum results, then don’t perform your exercises while listening to loud music.

  1. Get regular checkups

Go for regular checkups to your doctor at least once in a year. If you have any ear symptoms, you should visit a doctor and let him do the checkup.

How can it affect you?

Loud music can affect your health in various ways. It can become one of the reasons behind cardiovascular and psychological disorders. It causes stress in various individuals. It can hamper your hearing ability in a much drastic manner. 

Measures to Keep in Mind

As you are aware of all the health hazards and many dangerous effects which are caused due to loud music, there are some measures that you can follow to stay safe.

  • Always try to avoid the venues or places which play loud music quite often.
  • Spend some time without any digital devices and media in order to avoid all kinds of noise.
  • Do not create unnecessary noises by banging horns and playing loud music while driving.
  • Always follow the rules and regulations which are set by your country regarding noise pollution.


Excess of anything is dangerous even if it’s just noise. There are various health and mind related effects that can occur by just exposing yourself to loud music.

So in order to avoid these ill effects, follow a healthy lifestyle and try to stay away from harsh noises. There are many easy-to-follow tips that you can follow to stay safe and free from any disorder or hearing disability caused due to loud music.

By Caitlyn

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