Why Does My Arm Hurt When I Sneeze


Are you experiencing pain while sneezing? Have you been ignoring this for a while now? Do not suffer with pain in the hopes that it will go away eventually. The pain might be on and off over a period of time. If you are in pain, this blog is the answer to all your painful questions. We will give you an end-to-end and one-stop solution to cater to all your questions and queries related to the pain you have been experiencing during sneezing. What might start with just the arms can have amplifier effects on the lower back or the neck region.

Why does my arm hurt when I sneeze? 

It is common for individuals to ask, “Why does my arm hurt when I sneeze?” or “Why does my upper body hurt when I sneeze?”

We will now look into the various reasons why this might happen to a person. It is important to know that these can be related to injuries of the spine, as during the involuntary action for a short period of time due to action, there is around 300 times the normal force exerted on the lower back. Let’s discuss the reasons for the pain in the arms during sneezing.

1) Concussion of the Nerves 

A concussion of the nerves means that the nerves are in a compressed or tangled state. As explained earlier, the involuntary action during sneezing exerts more pressure on the compressed nerve, which causes a painful sensation.

The effect of the pain varies depending on the previous state of the nerve; sometimes it only lasts for a few minutes, but sometimes it might have a longer effect. If the pain lasts an unreasonably long time, then consulting a doctor is advised; otherwise, one can try icing the area where pain is experienced in order to reduce any inflammation that might have arisen.

2) Lateral Epicondylitis: 

Sometimes due to excessive and continuous movement of one part of the muscle of the arm or the elbow, if one sneezes, they are mostly likely to encounter it due to continuous physical movements. Therefore, during sneezing, it is likely to cause more pain.

3) Slipped Disc: 

Our spine is constructed in such a way that it is a pile of stacked discs on top of each other. In the case of a slipped disc, if the disc moves even slightly, it can cause excruciating pain. As the discs are moved from their original and intended position, they can disrupt the functioning of the nerves, which can in turn cause pain in the arms as well.

4) Myalgia – 

Myalgia is nothing but muscle spasm; if a muscle is pulled due to physical activity or bad sleeping posture, it can cause pain. Now, this pain is bad enough in normal situations, but when a person sneezes due to movement, the whole body traverses, and this causes excruciating pain in the area of the spasm.

If the pain exists for an unreasonably long time or even if it is not bearable, then one must consult the doctor as soon as possible to avoid any further complications. Pain during sneezing does not mean an underlying disease exists. But by taking precaution, one can prevent any invasive procedures by treating them before things get complex and out of hand.

Let’s understand more about sneezing before we get started. 

Sneezing is a natural phenomenon that is biologically very important as it prevents the invasion of dust and bacteria inside the body. Sneezing is a reflexive action, which means that there is no definite control over how our body will physically behave during the sneeze. Some individuals have quiet and subtle sneezes, but some have a very grand sneeze that is not only heard by a lot of people but also involves the movement of quite a few parts of the body. This involuntary action is done in the form of neurological signals that interpret some foreign object as blocking the nostrils. Sneezing also correlates with allergic reactions; some are allergic to pollen, while others might be allergic to pet fur. There can be a plethora of reasons why a person might be allergic to something.

Is sneezing a bad sign? 

Sneezing is generally not considered bad, as it helps maintain a healthy respiratory tract and prevents the entrance of any foreign particles into our system. In cases where one is continuously sneezing, it can be a tedious and frustrating time as all the daily activities might stop in that particular direction. If found in such a situation and the sneezing doesn’t stop, visiting the doctor is the next practical step to take. The majority of the time, sneezing is not life-threatening or fatal as long as it is contained within the limit.

Is sneezing the cause of any underlying disease?

The majority of the time, sneezing is not considered to be the cause of an underlying disease; the reasons for sneezing are completely opposite, as it is meant to keep the body healthy and safe.

But sneezing can have multiple reasons, which we will discuss below in order for you to understand what exactly causes sneezing.

1)Allergy: Sneezing is most common when a person is allergic to any substance, and as a defence mechanism of the body, one keeps sneezing to keep the foreign particles out of the system. Individuals are allergic to pet fur, pollen, and dust. These are the most common ones, but they vary according to person as well.

2)Pollution: The surrounding environment around us is not the most clean and blissful, but it is notorious for having all types of pollutants and dust. Due to this, some individuals might face sneezing symptoms.

3)Ethmoidal polyps: These are the most common nasal polyps. These are infectious growths inside the nasal patches that can be cured with proper care and medications.

4)Medicines: Side effects of some medicines can cause sneezing. This isn’t very common, but it is something that must not be neglected altogether. Usually, one must tell their doctor about the issue for faster resolution.

5)Sinus: The sinuses play a vital role in overall behaviour, and inflammation in the sinuses can definitely cause irritation and sneezing.

Sneezing is usually in no way, shape, or form deadly or fatal; hence, it should not be a concern for any underlying disease. But if it is persistent, it can cause frustration, so it is advised to consult a doctor in order to get relief and a remedy for the issue.

Treatment for arm pain while sneezing

 Diclofenac, aceclofenac, ibuprofen, nimesluide, naproxen, celecoxeb are some of the pain killers that will help in easing your pain. 

For the treatment of cold, one take a simple cetrizine like chest on. Besides this, consumption of warm water will help you in getting relief as fast as possible.

Conclusion :- 

In conclusion, the arm hurting while sneezing is not necessarily related to a disease, but it can be due to a variety of reasons that can be treated. Some of which can be easily treated at home by icing the area of pain or applying a pain-relieving ointment. The reason for the pain is spinal-related, which needs more attention and should be treated by professional doctors or chiropractors. Extensive care must also be taken in order to avoid any bigger complications in the future.

We hope this blog has solved all the queries that you had related to the pain in the arms or upper body during sneezing.

By Caitlyn