How to Stop Sneezing

The human body is resistant to foreign bodies. It tends to excrete these foreign bodies by natural processes like excretion, urination and sneezing. But it is not appropriate for these processes to occur in excess.

Through sneezing, our nose expels the bacteria or germs that get trapped in it. Through this process, it also filters the air that we inhale. But Excessive sneezing can be irritating and sometimes, embarrassing! 

Thus, We are here with a manual to help you cope up with it. 

If you feel embarrassed to go to a doctor and say – ‘ I can’t stop sneezing’, do not worry. Because we have got it clear for you. Through this article, we will discuss the ways through which you can stop sneezing. We shall also highlight the causes, symptoms and precautions to be taken. 

How to Stop Sneezing?

There are numerous ways through which one can stop sneezing. Some are practical methods while others are simple home remedies. By following this, you can stop your habit of excessive sneezing. 

1. If you are sneezing due to cold, it is best to take the prescribed medicines and get treated. Sneezes during cold can be more irritating than normal ones, they usually come with a greater force and excrete the trapped mucus. Medicines or steam are ways to stop sneezes due to a cold. 

2. Some people are allergic to certain food items or things. Like dust or the smell of perfume, strawberries and chocolates are also common allergies that people face. To avoid sneezing due to allergies, consume antihistamines. 

3. One can also stop sneezing by pinching the nose. You may pinch the top portion of the nose or the bottom. This will control the sneeze and it will subside. 

4. A healthy dose of vitamin C can reduce or stop sneezing. Get vitamin C supplements or consume fruits which have a lot of vitamin C in them. 

5. Drink a nice and hot cup of tea with a dash of cardamom, ginger and tulsi leaves. This is a refreshing way to stop your excessive sneezing. It is best to drink the tea when it is hot, not excessively but at a moderate temperature. 

6. Clean your nose. Sneezing is usually because of the irritation caused by particles stuck in the nose. Cleaning it beforehand will stop and reduce your excessive sneezing.

7. One may also use a nasal spray to avoid excessive sneezing. 

Causes of Sneezing

Sneezing can be caused due to a number of reasons. The causes are not usually something serious. It is a natural phenomenon and has natural causes.

Below mentioned are some of the reasons that might be the cause of your sneezing – 

  •  Allergies to dust, fur, animal hair, food items are usual causes of sneezing. Symptoms due to allergies also include redness, itching and burning sensation. 
  •  Common cold can also cause sneezing. It is important to differentiate between a sneeze due to cold and allergy so that you can take the right medicines. A sneeze due to cold is usually accompanied by mucus and the body feels tired and drained out. A sneeze due to allergy is just a blow of air through the nose. 
  • A runny nose is another common cause of sneezing, it is usually the flow of mucus but can cause irritation. This irritation in the nose causes sneezing. 
  • Another common cause of sneezing is the entering of a foreign particle into the nose. Like dust or pepper. One should cover the nose when out in a polluted area. 
  • Some people also sneeze due to direct exposure of sunlight. 
  • There are various instances of people sneezing after eating a lot, though there is no scientific proof of this. 

How to Prevent Sneezing?

There are certain precautions that should be undertaken to avoid sneezing. We have listed some of the common precautions below – 

  • Clean your house or working place. This way we can get rid of dust particles which may cause you to sneeze. Cleaning of bedsheets and clothes is also necessary. 
  • Avoid food items or materials to which you are allergic. Like strong perfumes, fur or certain edibles. 
  • Cover your face when going out to avoid dust particles to enter your nose. 
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight as some people sneeze when exposed to direct light. 
  • You may also avoid eating excessively. Take breaks between your meals and eat accordingly. 

The Bottom Line

To dive back into the topic which was to know HOW to stop sneezing, we guess that you must know it now. Sneezing is natural but a lot of sneezing is irritating and should be stopped.  By following these simple ways and means, one can stop his habit of excessive sneezing. 

We should also undertake the necessary precautions to avoid such situations. And every time that you may see someone sneezing, remember to say – God bless you! 

By Caitlyn

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