Human body is a complicated piece and especially when this body is owned by a female. You are definitely thinking right now why I am being so sarcastic. 

This is not sarcasm dear. Today what we are going to cover is a really interesting topic and very important topics especially for ladies. 

Now here is one question for you.

Do you know what an ovarian cyst is?

Ovarian word is related to ovulation and cyst means a pack or sac. Ovarian cyst is a pocket type of thing which is found or stays on or inside the ovaries. There is not only one ovarian cyst in a female body. We have many. 

These ovarian cysts are filled with fluid or liquid. Sometimes a semi strong material is also found in ovarian cysts.

Now the next question is what are ovaries?

You don’t get everything in the introduction part. Kindly keep reading my enthusiastic readers.

In this article we will understand why someone needs to remove an ovarian cyst and can we lose weight after the removal of an ovarian cyst

Keep reading to find out many interesting facts.

What is ovarian cyst?

As we told above in the introduction part , ovarian cyst is situated or exists on the surface of ovaries. These tiny and sometimes not so tiny parts have a special kind of fluid or semi strong material inside them. 

Ovaries are responsible to produce female hormones or take part in the process of ovulation in females. They are also responsible for holding eggs in the female body. 

Ovarian cysts are entirely natural and they vanish and reduce in size after some time. They don’t need any treatment or some special kind of attention. But there are also some situations in which they may create big issues.

In the next section, we will talk about it further.

Why do we need to remove Ovarian Cyst?

In some cases these ovarian cysts do not reduce their size and become the cause of pain and many other serious issues.

As we told you above, we have many ovarian cysts and some of them naturally reduce in size. These cysts are called functional cysts and don’t create any issues in the body. 

One of the major causes why we need to remove ovarian cyst from the body is ovarian cancer. Some ovarian cysts are related to disease and become a host for cancer. In this situation it becomes necessary to remove that particular ovarian cyst from your body as soon as possible.

Next reason is ovarian torsen. In this situation one of the ovarian cysts changes its position by moving and twisting. Thus the circulation of blood of that particular cyst is disturbed. After that the chances of tissue damage of the ovarian cyst get high. 

These damaged and dead tissues of that particular ovarian cyst create many serious issues and the need of removing it becomes a priority for your doctor.

In these above situations, you may feel stomach pain, painful menstruation cycle,you may feel intense pain during intercourse, nausea and many other symptoms.

Procedure of removing ovarian cyst:

If you feel any of the above mentioned symptoms, kindly go to the doctor. He or she would advise you to go through proper complete checkup especially your pelvic checkup.

Once he or she finds any serious symptoms in your body such as swelling in the stomach or many others, he may suggest you go through the surgery if this issue can’t be treated with medicines.

Ovarian cyst and your weight:

When you have a ruptured ovarian cyst or ovarian cancer, your hormone balance is in a very bad state. 

You get weight gain because of hormonal imbalance due to your condition. After the surgery, when that damaged ovarian cyst is removed from your body , your hormones again start to maintain their balance.

In this time period, you lose your weight which has been gained during your previous situation of hormonal imbalance. 

will i lose weight when they remove ovarian cyst?

Yes ,you will. After the surgery when the problem has vanished you may feel some changes in your body. 

Your hormones maintain their balance and because of your medicine and diet , you may lose weight.

But don’t worry about it. You feel better after two or three weeks because the recovery after the surgery takes two weeks.

Few things we need to take care after surgery:

  • Follow your doctor’s advice.
  • Kindly avoid sex for few days after the surgery.
  • You may feel pain and swelling in the area of your stomach so be a little more aware while sleeping.
  • Take care of your diet. 
  • Do not do any heavy physical exercise.
  • Take your painkillers and medicine on time.
  • If you feel any other symptoms such as fever , dizziness, kindly consult your doctor.
  • Take proper sleep as we know during sleep our body goes into fast recovery mode. 
  • Do not try to run fast or try to lift any heavy weight.


Females have so many complications with their body that’s why they are very special but it doesn’t mean that we start to ignore these complications.

Sometimes our ignorance of our body causes us so many difficult situations. If these situations are not treated on time, they increase and sometimes take us to the death.

Whenever you feel something uncommon is happening with your body, go to the doctor immediately. Do not ignore symptoms, even a small one.

I hope you would have liked the article and want more articles like this. I promise to come back soon. 

By Caitlyn

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