How to Increase Testosterone

Testosterone is the sex hormone which is responsible for the overall growth of the male body. Some might think it is merely responsible for the beard and moustaches that boys have on their faces during puberty. But, this hormone does much more than that. It plays an important role in the growth of the male reproductive organs, muscle strength, bone mass and memory. 

Healthy levels of testosterone develop a healthy man. Whereas when the hormone is not secreted in adequate amounts, it can cause a number of health problems like obesity, enlarged breast tissues, delayed growth of facial hairs, weak muscles and bones, erectile dysfunction and much more of a similar sort. 

Through this article, we will be discussing the ways to increase the testosterone levels, some natural boosters and increase testosterone supplements that one can consume to regulate the levels of this essential hormone.

How to Increase Testosterone Levels? 

Testosterone levels can be boosted by adopting a healthy lifestyle. By bringing some modifications in the diet and exercises, one can see the increase in the hormone levels. It is important to regulate the levels before the age of 25 because soon after that, the levels go on decreasing naturally which exposes the body to health problems like fatigue, heart issues and even early death. 

Below mentioned are some ways and means by which a person can increase the hormone levels – 

  • A healthy dose of proteins and fats in the diet can boost the testosterone levels and also make the body fitter and more flexible. It improves the overall health of an individual. 
  • Do not stress excessively and get an adequate amount of peaceful sleep, a minimum of 8 hours. This will reduce stress levels and improve the testosterone levels by a huge amount. This will also reduce the risks of early ageing and heart problems. 
  • Another factor which can increase the testosterone levels is exercising. Daily exercise can pump up your muscles and increase your hormone levels by four-fold. This simple addition in lifestyle can prove to be a miracle in the long term. 
  • Avoid smoking and drinking excessively. This habit has varied bad effects on the human body. It can also decrease the testosterone levels much before the natural process and affect the overall health. By avoiding it, one can manage to keep a healthy hormone level.
  • Testosterone levels can be increased through natural boosters and supplements also. When these supplements are consumed and a healthy lifestyle is maintained, the male body is less prone to any of the diseases. 

We will discuss these boosters and supplements below. 

Testosterone Boosters- 

Testosterone boosters are popular among the youth. These can be used to increase testosterone levels by acting on it directly. The improvement can be seen within some weeks of consuming these boosters. Wirex is one of the testosterone boosters that can help you if you have a low testosterone level. It can help you regain and balance your strength and energy.

The best kinds of testosterone boosters are those which are made up of natural ingredients. These boosters have two ways of working. Some of them increase testosterone levels while others decrease oestrogen levels in the male body. Both methods produce the same result and are equally effective in regulating hormone levels. 

Some testosterone boosters come with risks and might have contrary effects. It may lead to the production of cancer cells and even reduce the sperm count, this can cause severe health problems and the early ageing process. 

One should check the contents of any boosters before adding it to the diet. We will now discuss the best testosterone boosters which can prove miraculous in the long run.  

Best Testosterone Boosters- 

The best boosters are those which are made of natural substances. The below mentioned are some examples which can help you choose the right one for yourself – 

  • Vitamin D Booster – 

Vitamin D booster is one of the best natural methods to level up your hormone level. Despite being so easily available, the majority of people are deficient of it. 

  • Ashwagandha – 

This natural booster is proven scientifically and is effective in increasing testosterone levels. According to a study, This natural ingredient can increase the testosterone level by 16-20%. It also increases immunity to fight against various infections and levels up your sperm count. For males aged between 30 – 40, this booster is highly recommended to produce sperms of good quality and also increase the motility of sperm. 

  • Testogen or Vitamin B – 

Testogen contains natural minerals like vitamin B which can increase the levels of hormone by decreasing oestrogen levels. It also reduces the phenomena of conversion of testosterone into oestrogen. 

  • TestRx –

This booster is one of the most popular ones. It is 100% natural and safe to consume. It is said to have no side effects and is a clinically trusted product. 

  • Testo Max – 

The effect of this natural booster is best when it is accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. Work- out and daily exercises are proven to be more effective when this natural booster is consumed after each session. 

Testosterone Boosting Supplements- 

Testosterone levels are also regulated by supplements. While some of them are really effective and life-changing, others can increase the levels by fewer amounts. 

It is necessary to choose a suitable supplement for your body and consume only that one. All supplements do not work for everyone, some people also have certain allergies and weak spots. One should ask a professional for the supplement that can be consumed. 

Some popular and effective supplements are listed below.

  • Ginger –

Ginger is effective for various reasons but not many are aware of the fact that it can improve your testosterone levels and even sexual performance of an individual. It is proven to increase the levels of various other hormones related to the male reproductive system. 

  • Zinc – 

If the zinc levels of your body are inadequate, you might suffer from erectile dysfunction. It is necessary to have a good level of zinc because it helps in cell formation and division and various other factors. 

  • DHEA – 

This is a naturally occurring hormone produced in the human body, both male and female. This hormone is responsible for maintaining the levels of the main sex hormones in the body. In the male body, it increases testosterone levels effectively. It is one of the most trusted natural supplements. 

One can increase the testosterone levels by adding some food items in your diet. It takes efforts to maintain a healthy body and mind but things can be made easier by consuming food items which have a high amount of proteins and carbs. Examples are beef, beans, egg yolks, low-fat milk, cereals etc. 

5 Foods that Kill Testosterone

After proper assessment of all facts, we know what should be done or eaten to increase testosterone levels but it is equally important to know what should not be eaten to maintain a healthy level of the hormone. 

Some food items contain substances that have an adverse effect on hormone levels. They may cause early depletion of the levels or reduced sperm count. They may even count reduced sperm motility. 

Below mentioned are some food items which should be avoided as much as possible to maintain a healthy body. 

  • Alcohol. 

Excessive alcohol consumption can make your testosterone levels reduce in huge amounts. Not only that, but it also puts the person at risk of getting heart problems, erectile dysfunction and reduces the sperm count. 

  • Vegetable oil

Vegetable oil made of soy and cottonseed consists of fatty acids. Yes, certain fats help in increasing the hormone levels but fatty acids present in soy and soy-based oils can decrease the hormone level before age. 

  • Processed foods 

It not only decreases testosterone levels but also induces heart problems like cholesterol. The reason is that these processed food items consist of trans fat. This particular category of fat is considered to be the worst of all and deteriorates the health of an individual. 

  • Desserts 

For someone having a sweet tooth, these sentences may be very difficult to read. But, we can’t neglect the truth. Pastries, cakes and other desserts with too much sugar in them decrease the testosterone levels by huge amounts. 

  • Bread. 

This fact is not known by many but people with low testosterone levels should be aware of this. Bread may decrease the hormone levels in the body and cause reduced sperm count. 

The Bottom Line- 

Now, we have come to terms with all of the facts that revolve around this essential hormone. Testosterone is the stimulation needed by a male body. Healthy levels of testosterone can help an individual to cope up with many health problems. 

We have discussed the ways to increase testosterone levels, some boosters and supplements. We also know what should and should not be eaten to regulate healthy hormone levels. By adopting these ways in the lifestyle, one will never have to worry about being subjected to early ageing, fatigue, obesity, reduced sperm count and motility, weak muscle strength and bone density. 

It will not be wrong to say that a healthy level of this hormone is the ultimate vision of a healthy male body. 

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