Causes of Smelly Farts

Remember the time when a phenomenon as trivial as releasing a fart became the cause of huge embarrassment for you! 

That fun-evening with your friends where you thought you could hold your fart but it came out loud and clear? 

That office presentation where you showed up in full charge but at the last moment this ‘little demon’ was dropped like a machine gun and you ended up feeling humiliated. 

And what about that dinner date where this petty occurrence of a swift breeze blown from your ass that not only flipped the game upside-down but left in the feeling of deep shame?

Haven’t you desperately wished at that moment a real thing like scented fart pills that could twist the ending in your favor?

Stay tuned while we prepare to get your wish granted!

Well! Let’s not shy away from discussing this common concern which isn’t a big deal in itself but can cause you huge distress in our minds in many ways.

Flatulence is the passing of the wind out of your digestive tract which is quite general. Unless it occurs abnormally or excessively, it must not be considered a serious problem. Don’t let this concern steal your attention unless the situation truly deserves it.

The reason that the fart goes upward in the scale of stinkiness is due to the bacterial fermentation which takes place inside your gut.  

Let’s study the core reasons that become the cause of smelly farts:

  • Fibrous Food: Cruciferous foods or the foods that are high in fibers that stay within the body, ferment for a longer time inside the gut and become a prominent cause for you to release a smelly fart.
  • Infections: Certain infections within the body could also trigger the cause of blowing out smelly farts.
  • Medication: Certain medications that might interfere and cause the internal reactions to take place due to which intestinal gases build-up, getting unbearable foul order with it.
  • Intolerance to Certain Food: Sometimes, certain food times that your body didn’t gel up with become the cause of you blowing out the smelly farts.

These conditions need to be studied at depth by your dietician for him/her to reach the correct analysis of your situation! 

After studying the probable causes of why it happens, now let’s hop to the second part of the write-up where we would be discussing the ways to fix it!

There are few things in your dietary habits that you could do to prevent smelly farts. 

  • Drinking tons of Water: Drinking lots of water can help clear the belly which cuts down the cause for the foul odor gases to build up in your system.
  • Avoid Carbonated Drinks: Carbonated drinks involve a good amount of carbon dioxide that becomes the cause of the air bubbles to form and get released in the form of burps and farts.
  • Consuming Probiotic Drinks: Certain probiotic drinks may also help in releasing the good bacteria in your body while working to cure the instances that make you pass the stinky wind.
  • Eat small portions: Eating small portions of meals would mean you giving ample time for digestion and not burdening your system to extraneously exert on the process of getting it utilized within your system.

    Also, such dietary habits would automatically help you stay away from the process of building-up huge gases within your body!

Easier said than done! These are generalized tips and might not deliver instant results as you wish to see! Then what to do?

Is there even a way that lay a complete focus on fixing these smelly farts?

Yes! Don’t be amazed if we say that there is even a thing that lets you fart rainbows!
(Well, at least metaphorically if not literally)

By rainbow we meant, the scented pills that are designed to improve the smell of the gas within the system to finally save you from the embarrassment of emitting smelly farts.

You heard it right! 

Scented fart pills work from the root level and not just cover it up from the surface level. The pills are completely safe to consume that are made with organic ingredients.

The concept of scented fart pills was invented by Christian Poincheval, a 65-year-old inventor from north-western France brought the invention where he introduced flavored pills to improve the smell of flatulence.

Isn’t it a mind-blowing invention to help you stay carefree and stress-free in such instances?

Don’t hesitate to put your hands on this wonderful lifestyle product which is specially designed for you to remain carefree while you are excited. So don’t hold back from now even if it’s about blowing out the stale-gas.

By Caitlyn

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