Loose Abdominal Skin

Your skin is one of your most resilient organs, but that tissue must withstand an incredible amount of abuse over the years. Whenever your weight fluctuates or you go through hormonal changes, it could have an impact on your skin. Growing older will also reduce your skin’s elasticity, and those are just a few of the reasons why so many people struggle with loose abdominal skin at some point over the years. To quickly and effectively sculpt and restore your midsection, you might want to consider the tummy tuck procedure

Understanding Skin Laxity Issues

Many people are surprised to hear that skin is actually made up of a complex network of soft tissue, and each individual layer plays a very important role. The human body also produces a variety of proteins and amino acids that protect the skin and allow it to maintain its integrity. Unfortunately, your skin can only withstand so much damage, and there may come a point when it will no longer remain tight and toned. 

Skin laxity issues are especially common as people grow older, but those problems can occur at any age. Loose abdominal skin is also very prevalent among mothers as well as those who have lost a significant amount of weight. When weight fluctuations are sudden, it will be nearly impossible for your skin to pull back into its original position. Some of that loose skin might disappear over time, but that process could take years. Even after all of that time, there is still no guarantee that you will ever be able to sculpt a well-defined midsection on your own. 

A Look at Tummy Tuck Before and After Images

if you have decided that cosmetic surgery might be a good option for your situation, then you should carefully look over some tummy tuck before and after images. Inspecting those images will give you a very good idea of what the results of this procedure typically look like and where the incisions are placed. In addition to carrying out some research online, it is also suggested that all patients schedule an initial consultation with a cosmetic surgeon to see if this procedure is a good option. As long as you are able to maintain a healthy weight, then you will most likely be an excellent candidate.

Typical Results

While the tummy tuck procedure can produce amazing results, you must be dedicated to following healthy lifestyle habits. That includes regularly exercising, getting plenty of rest, and sticking to a relatively healthy diet. You also need to carefully follow all of the pre-op and post-op instructions that are given to you by the surgical team. Following those instructions will reduce your recovery time as well as your risk of any unwanted complications. By the fourth or fifth week, all of the swelling and discoloration should disappear, and you are going to be left with a toned and eye-catching midsection.

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