Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a physical or mental disease. People, who are struggling with addiction, find it difficult to lead a normal life. The key reasons behind starting the intake of drugs are sometimes peer pressure, an unhappy and stressful life, and many times just for fun and to experience the delusion. Later these reasons lead to addiction. Most of the time individuals simply use drugs for recreational purposes and then get stuck with its drawbacks symptoms.

When it comes to using drugs, there are various legal and illegal substances in the market to go with. However, there are individuals who assume that all drugs aren’t addictive, but it is not true, the reason behind this situation is that when you start taking drugs for recreational purposes or cause of any circumstances, you always have to increase the intake of the drug dosage in order to experience the same joy again and again as the body gets immune towards the last dosage. This increase in dosage many times leads to overdose causing life-threatening issues.

Without any doubt, you would always like to get rid of drug addiction. But before learning how to get rid of the addiction, you first need to know about a few myths or misconceptions associated with drug abuse. So, let’s debunk a few myths about drug addiction. 

Only Illegal Drugs Can Be Additive 

If you are assuming that banned or illegal drugs such as marijuana, heroine, hashish, and others are responsible for addiction, you need to change your perception. Yes, there are people who assume that taking only illegal drugs or substances may lead them to obsessive addiction. It is nothing else but a misconception. If you are also dealing with such a myth, you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. 

You need to accept the fact that whether you are using legal or illegal drugs, you can be additive to all of them. For instance, if you have been smoking or drinking alcohol for years, you are likely to be additive to it. Now, you need to get rid of smoking or alcoholism. For this, you need some type of treatment as you need for drug abuse. 

Drug Doesn’t Harm Brain Physically, But It changes the Perception of Reality 

As already mentioned above that most of the teenagers or even adults use drugs for recreational activities or under peer pressure, it is assumed that it doesn’t harm the brain physically. It means that people presume that they can’t destroy or harm their brain physically even if they are consuming harmful drugs. It is nothing else but a myth. When you keep using drugs or illegal substances for recreational or whatever reasons, you are likely to imbalance the chemical system of your brain. Ultimately, you destroy your brain to function normally. 

However, there are indeed certain drugs such as DMT, LSD, and others that may change the perception of reality, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t harm the human brain. If you keep taking psychedelic drugs such as LSD and DMT for a longer period, you are likely to create issues for your mind. You may not be able to enjoy your realistic or materialistic life. Instead, you will get amazed by your chemical reality inside the brain and will always want to stay in that illusion. 

Drugs Can Increase Creativity, Productivity and Intelligence 

One of the biggest myths about using drugs is that people assume that drugs can increase their productivity, creativity, and intelligence. Obviously, it is nothing else but a baseless assumption. If you are also coping with such misconceptions, you need to eliminate it as soon as possible. 

You should understand the fact that due to constant usage of drugs, you may experience changes in the perception of reality, but you aren’t supposed to increase your inner abilities. It is completely a false myth. For instance, when an individual starts taking drugs for a longer period of time, he isn’t supposed to concentrate on things. He may even lose his memory. 

These are signs or symptoms that indicate that an individual is going to lose his natural ability to perform or complete a task with his natural skills. 


So, these are a few most common myths or misconceptions about becoming a drug addict. If you want to lead a happy life, you need to get rid of drug abuse as soon as possible. It is not going to do anything useful for you but will always make you lose your foot in reality. Drugs can make you weaker and dull with time but also pushes you towards depression and anxiety, in the long run, you will be so helpless that you will not be able to stop yourself from destroying your own life because of these addictions. Check out rayhaderclinic for more information on trained counselors.

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