Does Epsom Salt Expire

Having some Epsom salt at your home is a very good idea. You can take relaxing and healing baths with Epsom salt whenever you want and wash all your stress away. If you truly believe in its healing properties, you might have bought too much Epsom salt on your last trip to the supermarket and are now wondering does Epsom salt expires. We’ve got all the answers you need about this topic right here. 

What Can you Use Epsom Salt for

Even though it is called salt and it looks like normal salt, you shouldn’t add Epsom salt to your salad. You should only use Epsom salt for bath, foot rub, and other external uses only, it is not for eating. You may experience unpleasant conditions like upset stomach and diarrhea if you consume Epsom salt. 

Contrary to the negative side effects that we may go through when we consume Epsom salt, if it is used properly, it can give you several good results. Epsom salt has detoxifying effects. Adding it to your bathwater may help you relax your body, give you amazing skin benefits, help you get rid of a bad migraine, stress, anxiety, and other unpleasant conditions. 

If you are suffering from back pain, or tension in your shoulders and other joints, you should try using Epsom salt. It is said to be really good for getting rid of pain and tension from muscles. And what’s more, you don’t need to stew in your bathwater for hours to get results. Taking an Epsom bath for about 15 minutes will be enough for you to get all of its benefits. 

Does Epsom Salt Expire?

You may have seen the expiry date on the packet of Epsom salt and wondered does salt expires. After all, salt is most commonly used as a preservative that pushes back the expiry date of other products like fruits and vegetables. If salt helps other products not expire, then how come salt itself has an expiry date. 

Well, companies are legally bound to put an expiry date or best before date on the labels of their packet. But products like Epsom salt, or even common salt, if stored properly, can stay intact for a very long time, way more than the date mentioned in their packet. 

A few weeks past its expiry date, the Epsom salt you bought may change some of its characteristics, like you might have to break the forming clumps before dissolving it, but when it comes to usability, it’ll stay pretty intact. You can use it just as you did before; you are going to get all the desired quality out of it. 

How to Store Epsom Salt to Keep it in the Best Possible Condition

If you can keep your Epsom salt in suitable conditions, you can use it almost forever; it has very low chances of going bad. That said, if you keep it in a moist unhygienic place, of course, it is not going to last very long. 

To make sure your Epsom salt stays in the best possible quality, you’d want to store it in a cool dry place. Make sure to keep moisture away from your Epsom salt at all costs, well except for the time when you are about to use it. Moisture will be the worst for your salt if you want to store it for long. For best results, get an airtight container that you can use to store your salt. Stored this way, your Epsom salt has a very low chance of losing its efficiency. 

Salt is a low moisture product. Hence, there is no chance of any microorganism surviving in a salt jar. However, if you get your salt jar contaminated with moisture or pollutants from outside sources, there is a chance of microorganisms making the salt jar your home. Hence avoid doing that and you’ll be good. 


Now that you know how to keep it, you can buy as much Epsom salt as you want, as you know that you can save it for a very long time. However, make sure to buy Epsom salt from a reliable source. You may get a lot of Epsom salt for a very cheap price from some sources, but the stuff you get might not be as beneficial as the kind sold in good supermarkets. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

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