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Embarrassed and irritated of wheezing?? Try these home remedies for wheezing…

Wheezing itself is not a disease or a disorder. It is rather a symptom of some underlying respiratory ailment. Wheezing refers to a whistling sound/ high pitched voice while exhaling and inhaling. It is caused by blocked airways. Airways get blocked due to inflammation of air passages, infection, allergies, development of thick mucus which sits stationary in air passages, common cold, flu, asthma and CODP (Common Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).                                       

Therefore, if wheezing is accompanied by other symptoms, you should not wait to consult your doctor and take your prescribed medication immediately. Some diseases like COPD need proper medical attention, and need to be treated with medicine.

However, if wheezing is not accompanied by other symptoms, you may not need medication at all. There are some effective home remedies which you can try to relieve yourself from wheezing. 

1. Warm Liquids: Development of thick mucus is one of the main causes of wheezing. Mucus is formed in everyone’s body, even if we are perfectly healthy. A healthy body produces around 1-1.5 liters of mucus daily. Mucus formed in a healthy body is a watery liquid: thin and clear. It is vital as it fights different kind of bacteria and viruses.

 Mucus becomes problematic when its consistency changes and it becomes thick due to some kind of infection in respiratory tract. Its flow is deterred due to increased thickness and it sits down in air passages. Thus, the free passage of air is obstructed when breathing.

In such situations, warm liquids prove to be quite beneficial. Warm liquids melt down the thick mucus, thus clearing the airways.

One can take warm water or some herbal tea. Efficacy of warm water is enhanced if few drops of lime juice are added to it. Lime juice is anti inflammatory and contains Vitamin C which boosts immunity.

Similarly, in herbal tea you can try ginger tea or add ginger as one of the ingredients.

2. Honey: Honey is loaded with anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. Take lukewarm honey which is more beneficial when it comes to relief from wheezing. It will provide instant relief. A pinch of cinnamon or a few drops of ginger juice can be added to increase its effectiveness.

3. Turmeric: Turmeric acts like a broad spectrum antibiotic. Moreover, it has anti inflammatory properties. Sip in half a teaspoon of turmeric added to a glass of warm water. It will soothe any soreness in throat or air passages, thus providing relief from wheezing.

4. Inhale Moist Air: This can be done by taking hot water in tub and inhaling the steam from it. Make sure to cover your head with towel to get the maximum benefit. Steam coming from hot water is highly moist. It will moisten the thick phlegm/ mucus and initiate its flow.

Camphor or mustard oil can be added for additional benefits. Take care not to burn face/ nose while doing this.

Electric facial steamers and vaporizers are a better option. They are easily available in market at very affordable prices.

Air humidifiers are another gadget which can be used to optimise the moisture level of air. But they can burn a hole in pocket.

5. Breathing Exercises: Breathing Exercises are very effective in curing respiratory disorders, let alone be wheezing. Breathing exercises, if done properly, can provide relief even from asthma. Most common form of breathing exercise is controlled and conscious inhalation and exhalation. Different types of techniques are practiced for different respiratory ailments. One can see a doctor or respiratory therapist to get a plan which is most suitable to the problem in question.

6. Essential Oils: Essential oils of eucalyptus, thyme, clove, oregano, bergamot, peppermint, lavender, tea tree, ginger, basil and frankincense can be used as remedies for wheezing. Essential oils relieve stress, boost immunity and keep the airways clear. These act as decongestants by clearing the lungs and opening up the air sacs, thereby making breathe easy and noise free.

 Essential oils can be used for wheezing-

(i) by rubbing on chest and throat

(ii) in air diffuser

(iii) inhaled with steamer or personal inhaler

Apart from the above mentioned remedies, there are certain precautions that must be taken to prevent and treat wheezing:

  1. Use air filters to clear air from any pollutants or suspended particles
  2. Stay away from triggers and allergens
  3. Remove carpets
  4. Maintain a distance from pets
  5. Stay away from stuffed toys
  6. Try to identify foods that worsen wheezing and avoid those foods
  7. Quit smoking

   If wheezing lasts for more than a week, consult a physician. A physician will diagnose the underlying cause and prescribe the appropriate medication and precautions.

By Caitlyn

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