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baking soda splinter
Home Remedies

Baking Soda for Painless Removal of that Dreadful Splinter!

Did you know baking soda could come handy for removal of a splinter? Read on till the end to know more about it. Splinters can be extremely painful. We dread them not only for the pain that comes along with, but also because of the needles and tweezers that are used to pull the splinter…

home remedies for wheezing
Home Remedies

Easy and Effective Home Remedies for Wheezing

Embarrassed and irritated of wheezing?? Try these home remedies for wheezing… Wheezing itself is not a disease or a disorder. It is rather a symptom of some underlying respiratory ailment. Wheezing refers to a whistling sound/ high pitched voice while exhaling and inhaling. It is caused by blocked airways. Airways get blocked due to inflammation…

homemade laxatives for constipation
Home Remedies

5 Homemade Laxatives that Actually Work to Relieve Constipation

Constipation is more common and serious than it sounds. With the adoption of sedentary lifestyle, it has become one of the most common physical conditions. Causes of constipation vary widely among individuals. Its causes can range from simple ones like dehydration and insufficient fibre in diet to some serious problems like hormonal changes, stress, a…

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