Does Testosterone Make You Taller

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is an extremely vital hormone found in males. The production of this important hormone starts as early as 7 to 8 weeks after conception. It is a hormone that is found in both men and women, but men tend to have higher amounts. Women are known to contain this hormone in very small amounts. The testicles are the male body part that is responsible for the production of this important hormone. The male body starts producing testosterone when it hits puberty. The levels of testosterone slowly but surely start to drop little by little annually, after the male reaches the age of 35-40. It has a significant effect on the skeletal makeup of a man, that is the mass in his bones and muscles, sperm production, sex drive, and their mental moods. 

One should see a doctor if they see a fall in their testosterone levels, as it could cause major problems. It can have a deteriorating effect on some vital bodily functions. It may also lead to certain medical conditions. Having lower levels of testosterone is a condition called hypogonadism.

Does Testosterone Make You Taller?

High levels of Testosterone are vital during the growing years of a male, as it aids in holistic body development and proper stimulation of various functions in your body (increased growth in height being one of them). Testosterone indeed has a great effect on the growth of males. It is linked to the growth sprout seen in men as they reach their puberty. It is highly responsible for facial and body hair, the husky voice, and the development of higher mass in bones and muscles. Since the levels of testosterone are at a peak, It can help in adding up a few inches to the height of a boy, all through his late teenage years. So, yes! Testosterone is quite responsible for making you a fair bit taller, through your teenage years.

Best foods for higher testosterone are:

One must be sure to consume foods that are rich in magnesium, vitamin D, and zinc to maintain higher levers of this hormone. Sleeping well and working out regularly have a good impact on your levels of testosterone too.

Green leafy vegetables: Experts recommend greens to be a part of your daily meal, as they contain a high dose of magnesium, which is great for your testosterone levels.

Pomegranate: This amazing is known to build the fertility and sexual function of your body. It’s an all-rounder that provides you with great benefits. The antioxidants and other good things in it make your heart strong and relieve your stress. It’s a winner when it comes to increasing your testosterone levels.

Ginger:  An ingredient that is so widely used in the kitchen, and is known to give great flavor to our food is known for its medicinal properties. But you’d be shocked to know that it’s a wonderful supplement for boosting your fertility and sperm health.

Extra virgin olive oil: Do you hear Caesar salad, when we say olive oil? Well! Drizzle it a little more because it’s great for your testosterone levels. It increases the luteinizing hormone which acts as an indicator in the production of testosterone. It is rich in monounsaturated fats and vitamin E that makes your food more healthy and keeps diseases like heart attack and cancer at bay.

Onions: Who knew that this cooking staple would give us medicinal benefits too. It’s a great food that consists of various antioxidants and helps increase testosterone in men that have a deficit. 

Oysters: They are amazing foods packed with zinc. Zinc is a mineral that is known to make your sworn health and reproductive functions better. Men with lower zinc levels are prone to having low levels of testosterone, making them victims of hypogonadism.

Foods that decrease your Testosterone levels: 

There are a lot of foods that have a very negative impact on the levels of testosterone in your body, which can gradually put you at risk of certain medical conditions. 

The food that is packed in cans or plastic could release bisphenol (BPA) when reheated. This chemical is known to lower certain hormones. Testosterone is one of them.  

The trans fat in processed food can make your testosterone levels drop if consumed more than often.

The same applies to alcoholic drinks. People who are alcohol addicts or the ones who consume alcohol very often are prone to having very low levels of this vital hormone. The drop in testosterone is known to affect sex drive and harm their fertility. Hence alcohol is often the culprit when it comes to problems related to sperm count or reproduction in men. 

Final comments:

Testosterone plays a vital role in maintaining efficient bodily functions in men. Getting taller is one of them. So individuals in their late teens must make sure their testosterone levels touching the roof to ensure excellent overall bodily development.

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