How To Sleep With Tennis Elbow

Do you like playing games, especially outdoor ones?

Many of us do. They like playing outdoor games such as cricket, football, basketball and many more. We need physical strength to play these games. Playing games is also important for your health.

Every particular game is played in a particular manner. In some games we need to use our arms, and in others we use our feet more.

Do you ever feel a strong pain in your elbow bones?

If yes, then it can be the symptoms of tennis elbow. When you use your forearm more to play a particular game and you have to twist your elbow many times, the bones of this part swell up and start paining.

Have you ever heard that the great cricket player Sachin Tendulkar also had tennis elbow problems?

If you have heard it, you are absolutely right. This issue is not small and it’s not something you can ignore because in the future it can create many serious issues and it can even end your career if you are a player.

As a player, you need to know everything which is related to your body and be careful always while playing. Don’t ever ignore any pain and problems.

Many people, especially players, are dealing with this issue across the world.

Now you know that we are talking about tennis elbow and its symptoms and the connection of sleep with your tennis elbow in this article. Stay with us till the end to know everything about tennis elbow.


I know you are very excited to see what we are going to cover today in this article. Here is the list of contents:

  • Do you know what a tennis elbow is?
  • Let’s talk about symptoms
  • Tennis elbow and your sleep
  • How to sleep with tennis elbow
  • Conclusion 

Do you know what a tennis elbow is?

Tennis elbow is a condition which emerges from the overuse of the forearm while doing an activity. When we put pressure on our forearms and we play a game which includes so much twisting of forearms, a kind of swelling can be found in the elbow bones. 

The main cause of tennis elbow pain is the strain of the tendon in the forearm. These tendons which joint bones of the elbow get injured while doing repetitive activity which requires gripping. 

The pain which comes because of tennis elbow is very severe. Sometimes people wake up in the middle of the sleep because of pain. If you ever feel any kind of pain in your elbow joints and feel unable to move it, kindly consult with the doctor. 

Sometimes the reason lies inside your body. The weak muscles of the elbow joint get easily hurt while doing any activity such as lifting a heavy weight. When your muscles are weak, a little uncomfortable movement is enough to destroy the tendons of your elbow.

Let’s talk about symptoms:

In this section we will know what those symptoms are. When we ever feel these symptoms we need to stop immediately and go to the doctor. These symptoms are listed below 👇.

  • A strong pain in the joint of your forearm.
  • You are unable to move your forearm.
  • When you go to grip something or lift something, you can’t do it because a severe pain takes place in the joints of the elbow.
  • The pain increases in the night and makes you uncomfortable while sleeping.
  • The movements of gripping and twisting make the pain worse. 
  • You may feel swelling in your forearm.
  • You don’t want to touch it because it becomes more tender.
  • The pain goes up gradually.

Tennis elbow and your sleep:

Why are you not able to sleep while having tennis elbow?

Think and find the answer. 

Okay , don’t stress. I am here to solve your problem.

As we have mentioned above, the pain which emerges because of tennis elbow is severe enough to make us awake in the middle of the sleep. 

That pain is so severe that we don’t want to put our forearm in the bed and don’t want to touch it. That pain has the power to disturb our sleep.

Do you want to know how we can sleep with tennis elbow?

Keep reading then. 

How to sleep with tennis elbow?

Here are some tips, by following them you can get rid of that uneasiness while sleeping with tennis elbow. 

  • Try to sleep on your back. In this position there will be no pressure on your forearm and you can sleep peacefully. Don’t put your forearm below your body. 
  • Do some heating before going to bed. Heat can reduce the pain as well as swelling. Heating can help the blood to flow more properly and once the blood flow is increased inside your forearm you can feel relief.
  • Try an elastic strap as a bracer for your elbow. It helps to straighten your arm. Now you can sleep with peace because your movements while sleeping are not going to disturb your elbow.
  • Try to keep your forearm down. Do not place it below your head. It may worsen the situation.
  • Try calm music before going to sleep and take care of the environment of your room.
  • Choose comfortable mattresses.
  • Do some meditation and take deep breathing before going to sleep.


There is no problem which doesn’t have a solution. We just need to find it on the right path and the right medium. There are many platforms for this type of knowledge, but be aware before trusting them.

Don’t put pressure on your elbow and try to do less activities which require the strength of your forearm. Little exercise in the guidance of a professional can help you a lot. But don’t do anything without the permission of the doctor.

Tennis elbow is a severe issue but it’s not something that can’t be treated. If you follow our tips and take care of yourself then you can be ok very soon.

By Caitlyn

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