Diabetic People

Planning a trip is never easy. You start by choosing the destination, researching the goal, look for cheap flights, and booking accommodation.

Along with all this, if you have a chronic medical condition like diabetes, this becomes even more taxing. However, knowing what to do when you travel requires not sacrificing your health and enjoying your trip to the fullest.

We have mentioned useful tips to help you stay safe during the pandemic and help you travel conveniently with your medical condition. 

Have a look. 

Carry Your Doctor’s Note

You should carry a letter from your doctor mentioning your condition and the medications that you take. It is advised to have multiple copies in case you lose one.

We’d also suggest asking your doctor for an extra prescription of your medication if you run out of refills when you are away. You should also inquire about the precautions you should take in case of any diabetic emergency.

Call the Airlines

If you are traveling by plane for the first time, it is advised to check the airline’s website to check what they allow to carry on board and if you need to make any special requests.

Generally, airlines will allow you to carry your medication. However, they may ask you to go through some procedures to carry the medicines. By calling them beforehand, you will know what to expect while boarding. You should also consider sealing your medication in a plastic bag and label them.

Pack Healthy Snacks

It makes sense to carry healthy snacks while traveling. You can include:

  • Dried fruits.
  • Mixed nuts.
  • Whole-grain crackers. 

However, don’t munch on them all the time. While traveling, it’s advisable to eat less than required to avoid additional problems like a running stomach (honestly, that’s the last thing you’d want!).

Inform People Next to You

While traveling, you should inform the people sitting next to you about your condition. If you are traveling alone, you should carry a medical ID stating your requirement. If you have any emergency (like low sugar level), the people around you will help you out.

You should also save important numbers on your phone as “Emergency Contacts.” This will help the people around you and the paramedics as well. 

Keep Your Supplies Nearby

You should carry your medication and insulin in your hand luggage. Do not pack your drugs in the check-in luggage.

It will help if you carry snacks with you in the hand luggage. You can also bring concentrated glucose sources (like glucose tablets) to use in case of emergency. 

Precautions to Take During the Trip

The blood sugar levels in your body tend to change with time. There are chances that the blood sugar levels might change due to an increase or decrease in inactivity. Here’s what you can do to deal with this situation:

Monitor Your Carbohydrate and Calorie Intake

You should check the carbohydrate and calorie counts in the food items you may eat using an online counting website. Try to have more salads and leafy veggies than deep-fried foods like burgers. 

Monitor Your Glucose Levels Regularly

You should check your blood sugar levels more frequently as your meal timing changes when you are on a trip, and you tend to eat out more. Check your levels before and after meals to check their effect on your body. 

Choose a Good Accommodation

Choosing a hostel/hotel/apartment compliant with Covid protocols and has top-notch services goes a long way in ensuring a memorable trip. 

So, if you’re traveling to Austin (say), first lookup for apartments in orange ca on Google. Browse multiple listings and call the shortlisted accommodations if required. Facilities like emergency help and room service become critical when you’re traveling alone with a diabetes condition. 

Final Word

It is challenging to plan a trip when you have a chronic medical condition like diabetes. However, this does not mean that you do not enjoy your trip. By taking proper precautions & following the tips mentioned in this article, you can enjoy yourself to the fullest. 

We hope that our tips will help you make your upcoming trip more enjoyable. 

By Caitlyn

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