infertility in women

With infertility, it can be understood as the inability to reach the pregnancy stage after a period of either 6 months or 1 year of sexual intercourse. Besides, age is also a concern in your fertility period. If any women experience multiple miscarriage situations, then also it terms as infertility.

The occurrence of infertility among women is seen due to several factors, such as aging, physical disorders, or hormonal issues. Major infertility cases are found related to issues in egg production. Generally, there exists several treatment options which depend upon the cause. Some include IVF treatment, getting sperm and egg donor for a surrogate, among others.

Additionally, PCOS often called “polycystic ovary syndrome” relates to a condition wherein the egg production stops or the egg production won’t last healthily. 

According to IVF Specialist Dr. Berk Angün of Dunya IVF, “Most of the women struggle with their hard time to accept their problems associated with fertility. Though, there exist certain symptoms that must not be kept on ignorance. The sooner the diagnosis is done for the symptoms, the earlier the possibility of improvement.”

Dr. Angün says that every woman is not going to face the similar symptoms and the causes also vary from person to person. After the diagnosis is done on the symptom, it is easy to reach a solution to make your fertility better. 

Causes of Female infertility

Common Symptoms of infertility in Women:

If you’re searching about the common symptoms to check whether you’re facing infertility or not, then go ahead reading them below.

1. Irregularity in the female periodic cycle 

Irregularities in the menstrual cycle result in pain, stress, and inconvenient conditions. This can become a worrying situation for women in their fertility stage. With these menstrual disorders, it might be possible to learn about the underlying cause of infertility.

2. Acute pain in the pelvic area

It is the PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) which results in causing acute pain in the pelvic area. Most often, people get stuck thinking- Why pain occurs more than twice? Well, it is linked with your infertility chances. 

3. Bleeding excessively during a periodic cycle

If you’re searching for the reason behind the occurrence of vaginal bleeding in excess throughout your periods, then the reasons are indefinite. You can experience this situation even in menopause.

causes of infertility

3 hacks to tackle fertility troubles

1.  Say “no” to smoking or drinking habits

Stopping your smoking or drinking habits is a good decision if you’re planning for a baby. Each partner should avoid consuming alcohol or smoking when planning to become parents since it does affect the baby’s condition adversely. Additionally, these habits can become a cause for your fertility risks too. 

2. Exercising habit is fruitful

If you have the habit of regularly exercising moderately, then your body gets to enjoy a regulated level of stamina, builds up body flexibility, raises the blood circulation, calms down the anxiety nerves, and results in supporting fertility.

However, a heavy routine for exercise doesn’t invite any benefits. It links to the occurrence of a disturbance in the menstrual period, resulting in infertility. As a stress-relieving practice, meditation is extremely beneficial when accompanied by yoga. This is also beneficial to support your fertility stage.

3. Weight maintenance is a must 

It is crucial to ensure that your weight remains maintained and you don’t stand among the over or under weighing females. For a balanced reproductive process, it can be helpful with your healthy body weight.

Do you know about the BMI or Body Mass Index? If you’re stuck in finding an ideal body weight, then use the Body Mass Index. With your over or under the weighing situation, there could be a disturbance in your periods which impacts negatively on your fertility.

4 dietary tips to reach a healthy fertility

Fertility Diet

1. Unrefined carbs turn effective

Do you feel like the quantity of carbs intake is a crucial thing? Or is it the right carb that can be beneficial for your fertility stage? If you’re also confused about both these questions, then know the right answer here.

In your fertility period, the unrefined carb can become beneficial to your health.  Now, the question arises- What kind of carb is best during fertility? Well, it is the unrefined carbs which are necessary to add in your diet.

2. Antioxidant foods are a must

Among both the genders, foods containing a high value of antioxidant content such as zinc are beneficial for fertility. How do antioxidants work? Well, antioxidants work by controlling the production of free radicals.

What’s about sperm quality? Most often, people get worried about this thing. Now, here’s a solution for you- It’s the antioxidant content which can be beneficial in raising the quality of sperm.  

3. Fiber-rich diet does wonders 

Do you know about the excessive production of the hormone in the body? Well, this can be a bad sign for your fertility stage. If you wish to get better health, a fiber-rich diet is all you need. Additionally, it maintains a balance on the level of blood sugar in the body. So, it’s time to add beans, green vegetables, and fruits in your diet.

Maintaining a healthy diet is important in your fertility stage and it is good to switch to a fiber-rich diet for a healthy pregnancy. 

4. Multiply your dairy fats consumption

During your fertility stage, it is crucial to add dairy fats in your diet. With a healthy diet, it is helpful to conceive a baby without any infertility risks. Dairy products add a high value of fat content to your body. 

In recent studies, it was revealed that it can be beneficial to intake either 1 or more high dairy servings to get successful results in infertility.


If you experience infertility, it is best to get the treatment done at the very moment. In the beginning, you should get the diagnosis done to know about the underlying cause. After that you can consult the doctor to find out the treatment options. The doctor might recommend surgery or other medications to cure your infertility issue. 

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