Cognitive Dysfunction

Nootropics or smart drugs, like the increasingly popular Modafinil, consist of either synthetic or natural ingredients meant to enhance cognition for individuals, not diagnostically impaired, but more so, healthy people living hectic lives. 

These people find themselves in need of a way to develop a competitive edge in their industry with a boost to their concentration level, memory functioning, creativity, and overall motivation. Nootropics have this capacity. Learn the fundamentals of nootropics.

Smart Drugs Give Healthy People A Competitive Edge

For some people enduring the stresses that come with the modern business world often entails a mental boost. Many employees or students or even corporate leaders, struggle in their capacity to focus on daily tasks, the ability to remain motivated, or creative in their industry, and with cognitive functionality. 

With the level of competition faced in each industry, it’s crucial to find a way to stand out from everyone else. The answer in gaining a mental edge in the current atmosphere has been nootropics or smart drugs, with a lot of people buying modafinil online because it is among the most popular options. Nootropics boast as the optimum brain boosters.

These substances are the latest trend meant to increase productivity and enhance overall mental performance. Some with synthetic ingredients, like modafinil, are recommended by prescription from a medical provider. 

The scope of this specific medication is to treat sleep conditions such as narcolepsy or shift-work disorder. Despite the fact that it has a “smart-drug” following, it’s not suggested for healthy people, making it difficult for the average person to obtain the substance, necessitating a search to find more natural means for achieving the same results.

Natural Methods For Improving Mental Performance

Nootropics can include any kind of substance capable of improving the brain’s function, increasing your capacity to remember, and help you to focus for extended periods, without impacting you physiologically in a negative fashion. 

There are drugs like modafinil that people incorporate in their regimen for the purpose of improving mental performance rather than the intended use for sleep disorder treatment. As with any drug, there is always a possibility for adverse reaction and potential for dependence. That’s especially true if not being followed by a doctor when using the substance. Read to learn if smart drugs are safe.

There are other natural techniques that can be implemented that will accomplish the same cognitive goals. These are sold over-the-counter making them easily accessible and safe.

  • Caffeine: A psychoactive substance deemed the most broadly recognized and popularly consumed around the globe. You’ll find it naturally in tea, cocoa, and of course coffee as well as many soda varieties, medications, and energy beverages. Some supplements contain the ingredient either on its own or with other elements.

It allows you to feel more alert through its blockage of “adenosine” receptors within the brain. In taking even a low level there is the potential to enhance attention, alertness and decrease reaction time. It’s a wise choice for people who are exceptionally fatigued. 

  • Green Tea: The beverage is high in L-theanine, which shows to enhance memory and increase the attention span helping those who feel a decline as the day progresses into afternoon and evening. Having two cups throughout the day is considered a small dose of L-theanine, but increases “alpha” brain waves allowing for greater creativity and deeper focus.
  • Chocolate: The darkest chocolate is the best because it also consists of L-theanine to eliminate some bitterness from the flavor. Combined with the caffeine in the chocolate to increase the “awake” effect, there are improvements in concentration, production, and staying alert until the day ends.
  • Ginseng:  This compound boasts a Traditional Chinese Medicine ingredient with an extensive history touting it for its benefits in improving overall cognitive function. The element in ginseng known as “ginsenosides” offers properties enabling immune stimulation, anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, and the ability to improve immune function, in turn, claims suggest, protecting the function of the brain.
  • B Vitamins: B-group nutrients are a necessity for strong body functioning, but they boast enhancing mental performance in improving cognition, enhancing overall mood, and keeping you alert. You can choose to take these in a supplement form, or you can indulge in foods rich in the source like leafy greens, nuts, eggs, or seeds.

Supplementation with natural ingredients notes to provide advantages in boosting brain power. The comparison between natural substances and drugs touting as capable of enhancing mental performance is such that people tend to opt instead for the medications like modafinil. Even though this drug is not easily obtained without the recommendation or prescription from a reputable doctor, the effects deem superior.

Synthetic Options Instead Over Natural Choices

Many people are choosing nootropics of a synthetic nature as opposed to merely using natural substances to induce “brain-boosting” power. These drugs boast effective at enhancing mental performance at the level necessary to face challenges in competitive industries in the modern age. Stresses and pressure endured are far greater than ever experienced before today. In an effort to withstand the tension and overshadow everyone else, people are instituting these substances to help, like that of modafinil.

Modafinil is also referred to as Provigil, its brand name, requiring a prescription because its intended use is for the treatment of sleep disorders including narcolepsy. 

Its effects are as a stimulant reminiscent of cocaine or perhaps amphetamines, however, studies indicate there is less chance for dependence with this drug than those it is compared to. The substance has the capacity to dramatically reduce fatigue, increasing cognition for adults who have become sleep-deprived.

Modafinil notes “executive function” improvement capabilities as far as giving you the capability for time management and greater ability to seek out resources for goal accomplishment.

It is strongly advised that the drug be taken as prescribed for those who are sleep-deprived in an effort to reduce drowsiness and increase brain function. Even then, the suggestion is to be responsible with use to prevent adverse reactions. For ideas on ways to increase brain function.

Final Thought

Although the recommendations are in place to take drugs like that of modafinil as they’re intended, most people are indulging in these substances, off prescription, as a way to overshadow competition in their industry, or students attempting to handle their course load plus work to pay their tuition costs. 

Sadly, the chaos of everyday life is such that people feel these “smart drugs” are the answer to maintaining the optimum in mental performance. Genuinely, most couldn’t withstand the level of stress or pressure that goes into a corporate position or the life a student endures without the help of nootropics. 

The competition is far too great, demands are virtually impossible to meet, schedules are exhaustive, and in reality, everyone on some level is likely truly fatigued or sleep-deprived. Many people tend to fit the profile to receive a prescription for any one of these medications based on insomnia, fatigue, lack of sleep, shift-work disorder, narcolepsy, or some type of sleep disorder.

The requirement is that we all receive at least eight hours of sleep every night. It’s unlikely that any adult in the business world or most students enjoy the luxury. Not only is there the hectic nature of the work, but we have families, homes, self-care to incorporate into the chaos. Smart drugs are not just something casually being incorporated into life today, they’re becoming a staple for the average person in order to function.

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