Will Sudafed Keep Me Awake

Sudafed is a medicine which is used in cold and flu infection to treat blocked nose, headaches. This is a very common medicine prescribed by doctors and medicine sellers to treat blocked noses.

It comes in almost every form. Some prefer it in liquid form, some want it as a chewing medicine and there are also some people who prefer it as a tablet form.

You definitely have used sudafed once till now.

Have you ever felt any symptoms and side effects of sudafed?

Have you ever felt that after consuming Sudafed you are unable to sleep?

If you have faced these issues and have answers to these questions then you have come to the right place. In the end of this article, I will make sure you will get every answer to your question.

In this article what we are covering is about Sudafed, side effects of Sudafed, sleeping connection with Sudafed and finally we will reach some tips and tricks to sleep while taking Sudafed.

Stay with us till last..

What is Sudafed?

As we described in the above paragraph, Sudafed is an over the counter medicine to treat blocked nose during cold. This cold can be any seasonal flu. 

There is another scientific name for sudafed and it is Pseudoephedrine. In its formation there is a compound present which has the quality of keeping you awake.

Kindly read all the instructions before using this medicine and if it is possible don’t use it without the permission of the doctor.

Children below six years old are prohibited to take this medicine. There are also some precautions we have to take if we don’t want to face any bad side effects.

Just like don’t drink coffee or any drink which contains caffeine because it itself has an ingredient that makes you awake so that the use of caffeine makes the situation worse.

Do you want to know how it works?

It works by shirking and narrowing the blood vessels and because of this the pain and swelling in your nose get reduced and you will get clear eyes

Nasal congestion is a very common issue which is faced by the people who face cold and flu infections. In nasal congestion the blood vessels of your nose get swollen. 

This medicine helps to treat this issue gently. But there are some things we need to take care of. We don’t want to face any consequences of taking sudafed.

Will Sudafed Keep Me Awake?

Do you think is wrong with Sudafed that makes me awake after consuming it?

Look, don’t worry. If you don’t know the answer, kindly keep reading. 

In Sudafed there is a compound named pseudoephedrine which is enough to make you awake and make you sleep after many hours. 

Pseudoephedrine has the quality to stimulate your nervous system and keep you awake. That’s the reason why you feel that you are not having sleep or you don’t want to sleep after taking Sudafed.

We all know that sleep is very necessary for us and without having proper sleep makes us irritated and our capacity of doing work is getting lost. 

But here in this article we are going to share some tips and tricks to elevate the effect of Sudafed and make you sleep a little better.

It also increases your blood pressure and keeps you awake. Because of this effect, your doctor always would suggest you take it in the morning so that it doesn’t hamper your sleep at night. 

In the next segment of this article you will get to know some tips to sleep better while taking Sudafed.

How to sleep after taking Sudafed?

  • Take it in the morning time and avoid before sleeping means at night. The stimulation factor of this medicine is not something that can be ignored. Listen to your doctor and take it in the morning time so that when night comes the effect of this medicine vanishes and you can sleep well.
  • Try to avoid caffeine or any drink which has the quality of a stimulator to your nervous system. Consuming caffeine along with Sudafed makes the stimulation effect double of its power. So whenever you have a cold and have to take Sudafed, kindly avoid caffeine.
  • Don’t smoke along with the dose of Sudafed. If you smoke cigarettes, the less you smoke while taking Sudafed, the more you have the chances to get better sleep. So that if you don’t want that your sleep gets disturbs , don’t smoke while taking Sudafed.
  • You can take Antihistamine along with Sudafed with the doctor’s prescription. Antihistamine helps you to get better sleep and reduce the effects of Sudafed. So if your doctor advises you to take Sudafed, kindly remind him to write antihistamine along with that.
  • If you are facing serious sleeping issues after taking Sudafed, kindly stop the doses and change the timing of the doses.
  • Taking warm compress at the place of Sudafed to treat your blocked nose is a good choice and by this you don’t have to disturb your sleep.
  • You can use a vaporizer or humidifier to make your breathing easy so that you don’t have to consume Sudafed.
  • Make your immune system strong by taking a proper diet. So that from the next time you don’t need to take Sudafed.
  • Last but not least tip- Drink enough water. Drinking water is the solution to every biological problem. Drink plenty of water and get better sleep. 

Happy ending:

I hope you will enjoy reading our knowledgeable and informative articles. We are going to end this article with a positive promise to come back soon with an amazing health related article. 

Your valuable feedback is always welcome. Stay healthy and stay tuned with us for updates. 

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