How to Get Rid of Cottonmouth


Cottonmouth is a condition that usually happens due to improper functioning of the salivary glands of the mouth. It causes dry mouth or hyposalivation which is also termed as cottonmouth. 

It is not a disease to look for instead most of the time it usually appears as a symptom of some secondary disease-causing impact over the amount of saliva recreated in the mouth.

Symptoms of cottonmouth are easy to notice and mostly include stickiness and dryness of the mouth. Besides tongues clicking while talking or opening the mouth even. Extreme levels of dryness even cause issues during swallowing anything.

Cottonmouth might result due to any reason including a side effect of excessive smoking, alcohol, some prescription medications, or even cannabis, etc. It affects the saliva production which results in making the mouth and lips severely dry creating an uncomfortable condition. 

There are several ways to minimize and even entirely get rid of cottonmouth. Some of the best ones preferred by many in 2019 are discussed below.

How to find a firm way to get rid of Cottonmouth

How to find a firm way to get rid of Cottonmouth?

Many people experience cottonmouth which is not just uncomfortable on its own but also affects the talking and swallowing capability.

Every individual might experience different symptoms while suffering from cottonmouth. Some might notice bearable dryness whereas others might go through extreme dryness to depend on water quenching their dryness. 

In rare scenarios, dryness is so extreme that swallowing food even can turn out to be sort of choking badly. To go through it is insane so the best is treating the real cause of cottonmouth.

A simple formula to get rid of cottonmouth lays in the concept of hydrating yourself. 

Besides some home tricks to deal with cottonmouth. Also getting half of some good humidifiers can help turn out to be helpful with the condition. Because air moisture controls worsening of cottonmouth and its related extreme level of dryness.

home tricks to get rid of dry mouth

How to Get Rid of Cottonmouth?

1. Keep drinking water in small quantities to help with the hydration process of the body. Always opt for water instead of other dehydrating beverages like caffeine or calorie-loaded carbohydrates drinks. 

2. Even avoiding teas which consist of tannins is the best. Tannins are known for their astringent effect over the body causing dehydration and shrinking body cells.

3. Prefer to use a straw while drinking water at times because it triggers saliva production. It can help to combat mouth dryness with ease and as a cherry on top water will do the hydration part. 

4. Keeping hard candies though sugar-free ones are always a good idea to get away with unwanted dryness of the mouth.

5. Always avoid excessive alcohol consumption since it might cause a dehydrating effect on the body causing more dryness in the mouth. 

6. Eating or sucking a slice of orange or lemon can help in healthily dealing with cottonmouth. Citric acid being sour present in both is not just nice but refreshing as well. However, it triggers saliva production and moisturizes the mouth well. 

7. Taking good care of oral hygiene helps in combating cottonmouth. Using alcohol-free mouthwash, sprays like xylitol, etc keep the mouth moisture intact. It also prevents complications like bad breath, thrush, sores, gum disease, cracking of lips and mouth, etc.

8. Prefer zinc ion concept based oral wars and mints because zinc has properties to treat skin issues.

9. Chewing gums also helps in keeping the mouth hydrated and full of moisture besides the refreshing feel and breath. 

10. Opting saliva substitutes available at local pharmacies like xerostom, etc, can help temporarily combating with the situation until the root cause is healed.

11. Avoid breathing via mouth instead always breathe through the nose. Because breathing via mouth causes unwanted dryness and even does not purify the air we take in. Our nose is equipped in that and is made for that purpose.

Can any medication cause an alarming level of dryness in the mouth or cottonmouth?

In maximum cases, the cottonmouth is caused as an unwanted side effect of the medications. Some of those include anti-histamines, hormonal medications, anti-hypertensives, etc. 

Consulting a doctor is the best way if symptoms of cottonmouth are observed while on any medication. 

herbal remedies to deal with cottonmouth

Are there any herbal remedies to deal with cottonmouth?

Yes, many herbs stimulate salivary glands of the mouth and get it to normal functioning. Saliva is very important from just keeping the mouth moisture intact and normal to start the food digestion process in the mouth. Some of the following kitchen herbs help in treating cottonmouth:

1. Ginger: It helps in saliva production and deals with dryness of the mouth. 

2. Aloe Vera gel or juice: It is known for its moisturizing properties and helps in treating mouth dryness.

3. Capsicum or sweet pepper: It also triggers the process of salvation. Peppers are known to trigger saliva as the normal reflex action.


From medications to alcohol, cannabis, smoking, or any other disease reason for cottonmouth can be any. So are the ways to deal with it as well. 

Since many different ways are available from herbs to simple tricks of taking care of hydration and keeping a chewing gum handy, etc. But it is important to treat the root cause of cottonmouth to prevent its re occurrence in the long term. 

Discussing the issues with your doctor is a must while on any medication. Since it can also be the reason for it. From mild to chronic or serious any condition can be best dealt with under supervision and guidance always. 

Try simple home remedies and tricks and prevent things from getting worse. The condition in itself is not dangerous though it can be alarming in terms of discomfort it causes. 

The best way to avoid cottonmouth is by keeping a distance from things that cause dehydration in the body from drinks like alcohol, caffeine, to sugary stuff.

If a person takes control of eating habits more than half of the planet’s diseases will vanish on their own. Since a healthy lifestyle and food habits prevent diseases.

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